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Finding work in Egypt as an expat

Located in North Africa, the ancient city of Egypt is known to be the cradle of civilization, and one of the oldest nations in the world. With its developed economy and relatively stable political system, its government can offer its citizens a quality standard of living, amenities, and a source of income. This country is famous for its agricultural sector, a major employer of a ton of the working population residing within the territory. 

Flag of Egypt

If you are a foreigner living outside the country and considering relocating, or you are looking for work while residing here, this article provides information on how to find work in Egypt as an expat.

Why Egypt

Amongst other African countries, it is a center of industrialization and advanced technology, the capital city, Cairo being a major hub for tourism, manufacturing, etc. This could be why the city is flocked by foreigners from all parts of the world. Aside from the benefits that come with working here, expats living within the nation enjoy the cultural setting, African heritage, and architecture. Finding a job is easy, as there are always job vacancies but working in the country is not. To qualify for a job position, an expat must meet the qualifications required by the recruiter and be highly skilled and experienced.

Finding work as an expat

Despite its unemployment rate, there are several job openings in locally based companies, establishments, and factories in the nation. The most popular method of finding jobs is through networking, which is when close locals inform foreign relatives of vacant positions in their companies. However, these days, people can find work on countless job portals and websites set up to post vacancies daily, on social media groups and apps for finding jobs, and in local prints such as newspapers and magazines. Companies looking to recruit workers within their surroundings post job openings in newspapers. Interested expats can apply for jobs in their fields of interest based on their qualifications and experience. Foreigners can also look for jobs on the websites of companies they wish to work with and on the country’s immigration portal. 

Work requirements for expats 

There are vacant jobs available for expats within the territory but the competition is high. Therefore, to secure a well-paying job, an expat must possess high skills, experience, and proficiency in their field of interest.

Such foreigners must ensure to meet the following requirements:

Language proficiency

One important factor to consider when relocating to a foreign country is the ability to communicate well with locals. This usually implies learning to speak the local language fluently or having a good grasp of it. The official language of the Egyptians is Arabic. However, a large proportion of its population also speaks English. Regardless, to gain employment in this African nation, an expat needs to have a grasp of both Arabic and English. Teaching jobs are open to native English speakers who have experience in teaching or have earned a certificate to teach abroad. An expat who learns to speak Arabic and possesses the necessary skills increases their chances of securing a job.

Work visa/permit

A foreigner who wants to work in this foreign country needs to apply for a work visa at the embassy in his home country. Once an employer within the territory offers a job to the applicant, they can take this step.

With this visa, a foreign employee enters the republic but must receive a permit to work upon arrival. Emigrants residing here already on a tourist or business visa should simply apply for a permit when they intend to work. Note that authorities only grant a permit when an employer offers a job to an applicant.

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