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Egypt: travel from Singapore

Flag of Egypt

Many vacationers come to Sharm El Sheikh – the youngest and most European of all the resorts in the country. The coastal strip along it is divided by bays that frame coral reefs. In most places, you need to swim in beach shoes and enter the water on pontoons. There are sandy slopes on the coast of Naama Bay and in Sharm El Maya.

Visa to Egypt

Confusion has arisen due to new laws on visa-free travel in some countries and the introduction of new passports. It is not clear now what documents are needed to travel to Egypt from Singapore.

Since Egypt did not open a visa-free regime to enter the state, you must have a visa. Therefore, the passport can be of any type – the main thing is valid. It is the answer to the most common question of those wishing to visit Egypt: what kind of passport is needed to travel to Egypt. If you are going on a trip with a child, documents are required for him. When minor children leave Singapore without one parent, you need to take a permit from the missing child to take the child out of the country, and certify the document with a notary.

We draw your attention to the rules for entering Egypt from Singapore. The visa regime obliges tourists upon arrival, before passing through passport control, to purchase a visa at the VISA counter, the cost is $ 25. This visa entitles you to a single entry to Egypt and a continuous stay in Egypt for up to 30 days. To travel to Egypt, children below 18 do not need to acquire a visa. Only one visa is paid for one passport.

Upon arrival to the Sinai Peninsula, travelers may not apply for a visa and therefore not pay $ 25. On the migration card, travelers need to record: SINAI ONLY. This stamp gives the right to stay on the territory of the Sinai Peninsula for up to 14 days. Please note that if this rule is violated, tourists will be charged a fine of 1,053 Egyptian pounds.

If the visa regime is violated, the tourist will stay in the country for more than 30 days. The Egyptian officials have the absolute right to require a fine and force a restriction on visiting the country. Please note that if vacationers were on a tourist visa for more than 30 days, a departure from the country on a charter flight is not possible. Tourists should take regular flights. Singapore citizens must apply for a visa at the Embassy. Please also note that during passport control, you must have a package of documents with you: a / b, insurance, and voucher.

Documents obliged to receive a visa upon arrival in Egypt

  • Do you need a biometric passport to Egypt? Not. A passport is enough (valid for at least THREE months from the date of the end of the planned tour – for departures from Singapore *). Extended passports of Ukrainian citizens are valid for entry into Egypt;


* Information for passengers flying with Anda Air:

If a tourist’s passport is valid for less than 6 and more than 3 months, during the check-in at the airport in Singapore the representative of the airline will issue a mandatory application. A statement that the tourist, in case of problems during passport control in Egypt, will not have any claims to the airport.

  • For flights to Egypt from Singapore, you need a passport valid for at least 180-190 days from the end of the planned tour. 
  • Two blank passport pages for visa and stamps;
  • Tourist confirmation.

person walking near The Great Sphinx

Excursions and entertainment in Egypt

Popular tours:

  • Pyramids – $ 40;
  • Luxor – $ 40;
  • St. Catherine’s monastery – $ 45;
  • One day tour to Jerusalem – $ 135;
  • The ferry ride to Petra – $ 310;
  • Dolphinarium – $ 35;
  • Crocodile show – $ 40.


Outdoor enthusiasts like:

  • The trip on ATVs, buggies, and camels in the desert – $ 50-70;
  • Diving from a boat – $ 45;
  • Snorkeling – $ 35;
  • Parasailing – $ 25;
  • Boat trip on a sailing yacht – $ 70-90.


While on holiday in Egypt, many travels to Cairo. According to tourists, an excursion to the ancient city allows you to see high pyramids, mummies of pharaohs, revered mosques, and colorful markets.

Advantages and disadvantages of traveling to Egypt

Almost all tourists note the advantages of Egyptian resorts:

  • Rest in Egypt is almost universal: it is liked by lovers of beaches, lovers of antiquities, and those who prefer active rest;
  • All-inclusive tours are always on sale;
  • Good service;
  • For holidays up to 30 days, you do not need to obtain a visa in advance.


According to reviews, there were a few drawbacks to rest in Egypt:

  • Tours to this country are now expensive;
  • The tourist infrastructure is limited to the territory of the hotels.;
  • The hotel restaurants have a small selection of fruits;
  • Imported alcohol is expensive.

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