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  • Immigration to Czechia from India

    Immigration to Czechia from India

    A Czech Republic( also known as Czechia) visa (travel pass) for Indian citizens is required if you have an Indian passport and want to visit the country. The Schengen nations’ visa requirements often vary by point of entrance and departure. 26 European nations that have consented to unfettered cross-border movement of persons make up the…

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  • Buying property in Czechia – full guide

    Buying property in Czechia – full guide

    In addition to purchasing state-owned properties, Czechia nationals may purchase any kind of property here. Presenting their passport as proof of identity enables EU residents to buy property in the Czech Republic. Before, non-EU residents in the Czech Republic could only acquire property through marriage to a citizen or with a permanent stay visa. Now,…

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  • Czech Republic: cheap universities

    Czech Republic: cheap universities

    Cheapest Universities in the Czech Republic. About 40 thousand foreign students annually choose Czech universities for higher education. And this is not surprising. The rating of Czech Republic universities speaks for itself. Nine of the institutions can be seen in the list of the best universities in the world.

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