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Czech Republic: cheap universities

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Diplomas from Czech universities are appreciated all over the world. Graduates of Czech universities can easily find work in any country.

Tuition fees at Czech universities

The main feature of Czech higher education is that education in the Czech language is free in public universities. Anyone can enter it, regardless of the country of residence. The most important thing is to know the state language. However, education in English in the Czech Republic is paid. Tuition fees vary and depend on the chosen university and specialty.

Cheap Universities in the Czech Republic

The following five universities are the cheapest institutions in the Czech Republic for international students.

Czech University of Life Sciences Prague

Average Tuition Fee: 195 euros per year

The Czech Agro-Technical University is the main Czech university in the field of agriculture. It is the third-largest university in Prague. The university was founded in 1906. Currently, in addition to forestry specialties and the classic agro-technical, one can get a promising specialty in the field of ecology, non-traditional and renewable energy sources, economics, informatics, and management. In all of these areas, the university adheres to the principles of protecting natural resources.

Basic information about the university

  • The Czech Agricultural University in Prague conducts systematic research in the life sciences – physiology and molecular biology, environmental protection, forestry, technologies in the field of environmental protection, economics, and management;
  • The university offers about 150 majors in undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programs;
  • The university has high-quality laboratories and specialized workshops. Training includes excursions, classes in natural conditions, educational field practice in the Czech Republic and abroad;
  • The university has high rates of graduate employment. 97% of graduates immediately after graduation start work or receive higher education.


Masaryk University

Average Tuition Fee: € 1.988 per year

The University of Brno in the Czech Republic was founded in 1919. Today, it provides training in a wide range of traditional and new specialties. The institution is considered one of the fastest-growing universities in Europe. It is included in the list of the best universities in the world (QS World University Rankings).

Basic information about the university

  • Masaryk University consists of 9 faculties, including over 200 departments;
  • Training is conducted in more than 1400 specialties;
  • The university is the most popular among applicants in the Czech Republic;
  • Research institutes operate based on the university, for example, the 
  • Individual lectures and even entire courses at the university are taught by professors of prestigious European and American universities, heads of large enterprises, as well as high-ranking government officials, and diplomats from around the world;
  • At Masaryk University, a student can study two or more specialties at the same time.


University of Pardubice

Average Tuition Fee: € 1.988 – € 3.480 per year

The University of Pardubice is a modern institution of higher education that links technical and social sciences. Now it is a modern prestigious institute with 7 faculties, providing education in natural science, technical, social, economic, medical, and creative fields.

Basic information about the university

  • The university offers 130 specialties at undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels;
  • There is an opportunity to study both full-time and in a combined form;
  • The University of Pardubice has 8,000 students;
  • The concept of the University of Pardubice is based on an innovative approach and modern technologies;
  • The specialties offered by the University of Pardubice are directly related to practice. Students combine study with practice in firms or organizations;
  • Each student can receive an individual scholarship;
  • Students of the University of Pardubice have almost 100% chance of going abroad for exchange;
  • Studying and living in Pardubice is cheaper than in Prague.


Metropolitan University Prague

Average Tuition Fee: € 2.000 – € 2.200 per year

The Metropolitan University in Prague was established in 2001. It offers study programs in international relations, law and international economic relations in Czech and English. The university has about 6,000 students.

Basic information about the university

  • The Metropolitan University of Prague has a reputation as an authoritative center for complex fundamental and applied socio-economic, political, and strategic research;
  • The university considers its main mission to be a comprehensive study of international processes, the mechanisms of the functioning of the market economy, and the characteristics of the political systems of all countries of the world;
  • The university maintains strong ties with universities and research centers in foreign countries;
  • In 2005, the university founded the Center for the Middle East. To date, the university’s partners include more than 130 universities in Europe (cooperation within the Erasmus program), America, and Asia.


University of Finance and Administration (VŠFS)

Average Tuition Fee: € 2.240 per year

VŠFS is the largest private university in the Czech Republic offering prestigious education in economics, finance, accounting and auditing, management, sociology, international relations, marketing, informatics, and business.

Basic information about the university

  • It is the leader in the ranking of private universities in the Czech Republic in terms of the quality of educational programs, the number of students, and the level of qualifications of the teaching staff;
  • It has more than 10 years on the Czech educational market;
  • the university has more than 6000 students;
  • Bachelor’s and Master’s programs in Czech and English;
  • doctoral programs;
  • The possibility of obtaining an MBA and a double degree diploma or joint degree based on an agreement with the City University of Seattle (USA);
  • Today, more than 600 foreign students study at VŠFS;
  • Unlike many private universities, the university offers students a Czech language course during the first two courses of study.

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