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Immigration to Czechia from India

A Czech Republic( also known as Czechia) visa (travel pass) for Indian citizens is required if you have an Indian passport and want to visit the country. The Schengen nations’ visa requirements often vary by point of entrance and departure. 26 European nations that have consented to unfettered cross-border movement of persons make up the Schengen States.

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Obtaining a visa

The online visa application form must be filled out by everyone applying for an Indian pass. The Embassy no longer accepts applications that are written by hand. The Czech Republic does not permit postal submission of visa application forms. Visit the website for Czech Republic visa information. Get the visa application form downloaded. Before going to the interview, complete the application. Check the sort of visa you are requesting. Select the day, hour, and location for the visa interview. Indian citizens may apply for a visa to the Czech Republic online at consular offices spread throughout several cities, including Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Mumbai. The Czech Republic Embassy has now deployed the biometric system in conjunction with an Indian visa application. You must appear in person at the Embassy’s counter to produce your biometric information, including your fingerprints and photos.

Required documents

Please be aware that the Czech Embassy maintains the right to request further paperwork or, in unique circumstances, personal appearances for an interview. Submitting the aforementioned papers does not guarantee the granting of a pass. Study the Czech Republic’s visa requirements for tourists:

Valid passport

Indian citizens must have a passport having at least two blank visa pages, issued within the last ten years, that is still valid for at least three months. You must also provide one copy of the ID page from your passport.

Medical insurance

For the duration of the whole validity of the granted pass, travelers must have medical insurance with a minimum coverage amount of INR 23,60,966 for medical bills and medical repatriation.

Application form

The applicant must thoroughly complete and sign the visa application form.

Passport photos

You must provide two current passport images that are 3.5 by 4 cm, colored, and have a white backdrop. It is necessary to have a visible forehead and ears free of bulky jewelry. The image must be of excellent quality, ideally not shiny.

Proof of accommodation

The applicant must provide evidence of accommodation in Czechia e.g. reservations for hotels, vacation home rentals, or dorm rooms on campuses. If the applicant plans to stay with a friend, they must provide proof of sponsorship or private lodging from the host.

Proof of sufficient funds

The applicant must provide an original private bank statement, properly stamped and signed by the bank, detailing transactions over the previous three months.

Processing period for visas

The Czech Republic Embassy typically needs 15 calendar days to process a pass after receiving an application. Work visa processing in the Czech Republic may take 30-60 days in case of an incomplete application, other circumstances, or valid reasons exist. You may check the progress of their application online and go to the consular section to pick up your visas from Monday through Friday between 4 and 5 p.m. Currently, monitoring Czech Republic visas in India is simple.

Medical travel insurance

Indians applying for a short-stay visa to the Czech Republic must show travel medical insurance for emergency medical care, hospitalization, and repatriation. A multiple-entry visa applicant must have travel insurance that covers the first visit’s duration. Additionally, you must sign a statement confirming that you are aware of the need to obtain traveler’s insurance for future journeys. Please be aware that the insurance is valid within the whole Schengen area. The insurance must cover the duration of your anticipated stay. A minimum coverage of INR 23,60,966 is required. Please note that your travel medical insurance policy must not exclude coverage for medical costs or emergency treatment due to your age. Note that if you don’t provide enough trip health insurance, your visa application may take longer to process.

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