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  • National dishes: Canadian cuisine

    National dishes: Canadian cuisine

    Canadian cuisine. Once in Canada, there are many things you can enjoy in terms of nature, adventure traveling, history hunting, visiting the cities, or learning about the culture. However, one of the best cultural experiences can come to you through experiencing traditional dishes in Canada.

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  • Things to see in Canada

    Things to see in Canada

    Most popular landmarks in Canada. Located on the northern side of North America, Canada is the second largest country by territory. Mostly covered by tundra, it has a cold climate. It is a highly developed country according to Human Development Index.

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  • Living in Canada

    Living in Canada

    Canadian lifestyle. Canada is a vast country with varying climate, cultural traditions, and ethnicities. There are several religions as around 20% of people find themselves being religious. Most Canadians are friendly and down to earth.

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  • How to acquire Canadian visa

    How to acquire Canadian visa

    Canadian visa acquisition. All foreign nationals wishing to enter Canada must obtain either a visitor visa or an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). This depends on nationality: it is suggested to contact immigration agent before proceeding.

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  • Relocation to Canada

    Relocation to Canada

    Immigration to Canada. Today anyone can plan immigration to Canada without feeling too busy while doing all the legal work, such as collecting all necessary legal documents and other papers: visas, certificates, letters, personal data etc.

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