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Living in Canada

Canadian flag

Two of the culturally richest cities in Canada are considered to be Kingston and Ottawa. These cities are included in the top five best places to live in Canada. Administrative capital of Canada is Ottawa, however, cultural capital is considered Toronto because of large attraction of tourism.

Economy and demographics

In 1867, there was an act that launched Canadian confederation referred to as the Constitution act. It consisted of 20 acts made by the British parliament.


Popular industries

Popular industries in Canada comprise several areas for instance:

  • Aviation;
  • Technology (mainly radio and telephone);
  • Medicine (noteworthy – vaccines).

Healthcare industry in Canada is at the forefront of the world with relatively well developed infrastructure. Additionally, in the early 1970s the country began developing nuclear power. Canada built nuclear power plants in Mexico and southern US.


Canada ranked 13th best country in the world by human development, according to Human Development Report 2019. This is because of the education level, high life expectancy as well as low crime and violence rates.

It is easy to communicate as 59% of the population speaks english – one of the most popular languages in the world. Canadians are sociable with the average knowledge of more than one language. Around 18% of the population speaks not only english, but also french and other languages such as spanish, chinese, arabic, tagalog, cree and other. Other languages include innu and panjabi which are not as widely used in the rest of the world.

Lifestyle activities

Most Canadian lifestyle activities include nature.Road trips, camping, mountain and forest hiking are popular activities when it comes to spending their free time.

The most popular places to visit in Canada are: Niagara Falls, Banff national park, Whistler skiing resort and Prince Edward island. These places are popular choices for spare time activities for families as well as individuals who enjoy being by themselves.

Distinctive traits

There are several Canadian lifestyle traits that can be related to Canada’s lifestyle in particular. These are various traits that highlight Canada and make the country special. Many travellers, tourists and its residents can explore these lifestyle areas by themselves. These Canadian lifestyle traits:

  • asian food;
  • laid back driving;
  • wilderness;
  • free parking;
  • french labels;
  • large fridges;
  • vast spaces.

Asian food

There are hundreds of asian food restaurants, bars and cafes in Canada as this type of food is popular among locals and travellers. The asian cuisine has a diverse, and expansive food range. Canadians love a meal with rice noodles, some asian sauce, tofu and edamame.

Laid back driving

Despite having large roads, wide and straight highways with four-way stops, the Canadian way of driving is relaxed and laid back when compared to European driving style. Canada has comparatively low petrol and gas prices, therefore, road trips are not as expensive as they are in countries such as the UK, France or Norway.


Wild nature is one of the characteristics of Canada. Mountains, forests, and beautiful sky landscapes bring peace and quiet to one’s heart. Nature is wild and pure and it occupies a rather large space. For this reason, hiking to lakes, mountains and other outdoor pursuits such as climbing and camping are extremely popular among Canadians.

Free parking

Parking spaces and parking lots in Canada are common and used a lot. There are millions of cars in the country and each driver will definitely find their space as aside from the center of Vancouver, parking on the streets of Canada is for free.

French labels

Many Canadians use french words instead of the same words in their original language. Therefore, french labelling is spread throughout the whole country. Canadians enjoy creating new labels from french words and word combinations.

Large fridges

One of the canadian lifestyle intricacies is buying a large refrigerator. Most of the ice boxes and fridges in Canada are quite large. Canadian people love to stuff their fridges with dozens of food items within a certain period of time, for example, once a week.

Living in Canada

In general, living in Canada is safe and comfortable as Canadians tend to live a content life that is usually free from substantial hardship. Most Canadians are healthy and financially stable. Despite many disputes around low income cut-offs, Canada is still considered to be financially sustainable.

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