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Things to see in Canada

Canada is home for beautiful large lakes that cover large parts of the country, therefore it is considered to be very nature filled and green. 

The temperature in summer usually is different in every region, but the winters can be harsh and cold with maximum lowest temperature of – 40 degrees Celsius.

Largest populations and tourist attractions in Canada are in the metropolitan areas such as Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. Interesting fact that Canada’s largest city Toronto is not the country’s capital. Canada’s capital is Ottawa and it is one of the most educated cities amongst Canada.

Canada is popular for its students’ strong performance in education and more than half of the country’s citizens have college degrees.

Overall Canada has many natural landmarks that are worthy of seeing as the lakes, mountains and treasures. These are the biggest treasures in territory for tourists to enjoy. There are also a lot of architectural treasures and for tourists, the country is a very interesting a well as challenging place to visit as the countries cities and tourist attractions are quite far apart.

Canada city

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is one of the best-known landmarks and tourist attractions in Canada. It is located near Toronto and has a drop of more than 50 meters. Niagara Falls has been attracting tourists for many years and has been shown in many movies, shows, books and paintings. This is definitely one of the first things to see when going to Canada.

Banff National Park

Banff National Park is located in Rocky Mountains, Alberta and is the oldest national park in Canada. Park has mountains, ice fields, forests and overall breathtaking landscapes. The biggest and well-known landmarks are Lake Louise. It has a clear blue water and mountains surrounding it as well as Icefields Parkway that goes from Lake Louise to Jasper and has a town Banff in-between that offers tourists a safe place for spending the night, eating and resting. There are also ski resorts and skiing destinations that have gained their popularity as Canada’s climate supports sports related to ice, like skiing, hockey and skating.

CN Tower of Toronto

CN Tower that is located in the biggest city in Canada – Toronto is one of the timelier treasures as the tower is 553 meters high and has the famous 360 restaurant on the top. 360 restaurant revolving around the top of the tower and gives that 360 view of the city and lakes around it. There is also a chance to go on more active sightseeing as it offers looking to the city with ropes attached to the safety suit giving an unforgettable experience.


Not far from Vancouver is a famous skiing resort called Whistler. It is located in a village called Whistler and is a center of winter famous sport – skiing. In 2010, it was the location of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games and carried out its charm to the whole world. Resort has many dining opportunities, hotels, outdoor activities for tourist kids and their families and more. If the goal of a trip to Canada is enjoying activities that characterize the country the most, Whistle is the destination to go to. For tourists who are not yet skiing, the instructors and the test tracks are available to enjoy the winter sport.

Old Montreal

One way to get to know the country is to visit the historical buildings and locations that will tell the story of the country’s history. Old Montreal is popular amongst tourists, such as Marche Bonsecours, Rue Bonsecours and interior design of Notre-Dame Basilica. The buildings in Old Montreal are dated back to the 17th century and it is one of the oldest areas in North America. The buildings are restored and kept as original of the city’s early days.

Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island has one of the best hiking trails and camping locations in Canada. Vancouver Island is less than 2 hours away from Vancouver city and still it captures the very famous nature landmarks of Canada – mountains, lakes and ice. Popular destination amongst tourists is Tofino which is a small town with Pacific Rim National Park Reserve. It is enjoyed by campers and hikers all the time. Tofino is accessible all year round for tourists and campers with an exception of dangerous weather conditions for visitors.

Victoria’s Inner Harbour

Victoria’s Inner Harbour is a well-developed sight for tourists as the waterfront area is a beautiful sight to take pictures and enjoy. Main sight is the Empress Hotel, which is a beautiful building that has been hosting kings and queens and is popular all year round. Harbour is a home for many festivals and shows as well as music concerts and other entertaining events.

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