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  • Canada: landmarks in Toronto

    Canada: landmarks in Toronto

    Tourist Attractions in Toronto. Toronto is the largest city in Canada and the capital of the province of Ontario. A lot of interesting things await the guests of this city. Toronto’s tourist attractions include everything from museums and galleries to the world-famous CN Tower off the Toronto Islands.

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  • Canada: immigration price in 2022

    Canada: immigration price in 2022

    Immigration costs in 2022 to Canada. Before proceeding with your plans to move, you should check if you are eligible to travel to Canada. You may be barred from immigrating for one of many reasons.

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  • Canada: express entry

    Canada: express entry

    Canada – express entry. The Express Entry system, which has been operating since 2015 and has proven itself online, is designed to ensure that skilled workers and specialists can immigrate to Canada in the shortest possible time.

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  • Immigration: Canada vs Australia

    Immigration: Canada vs Australia

    Immigration – Canada or Australia. Canada and Australia are in the top five countries for immigration. Both states have official immigration programs for professionals. Both countries are English-speaking and are quite high in terms of their economic development.

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  • Canada: visa after negative decision

    Canada: visa after negative decision

    Get a visa after refusal in Canada. A Canadian visa is a dream for many, but not everyone can get it. Due to the high requirements, applicants are often rejected for various reasons. The documents collected according to the list and the payment of the application do not give precise guarantees that a visa refusal…

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  • Immigration: to the Canada from UK

    Immigration: to the Canada from UK

    Immigration from the UK to Canada. Great Britain is an amazing country, with a great economy, a world-class national health care system, a university degree, and solid infrastructure even if the weather is poor!

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  • Canada: education system

    Canada: education system

    Education in Canada (education system). The education system in Canada in terms of its level successfully competes with the training schemes adopted in the USA, England, and Australia. The northern neighbor of the United States of America is recognized as one of the leaders in the international educational market.

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  • Canada: about the bank account

    Canada: about the bank account

    Bank account in Canada. When considering the migration to Canada, every foreigner should know the structure and sequence of opening an account for comfortable living and receiving wages.

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  • Canada: startup visa obtaining

    Canada: startup visa obtaining

    Canadian (outside Quebec) Startup Visa. Canada’s start-up program provides for the possibility of introducing promising and innovative business ideas in Canada, capable of competing in the domestic market and allowing the creation of new job vacancies.

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  • Canada: business overview

    Canada: business overview

    Canada through investors eyes. It is a country located in (North American) and extended from the Atlantic to the Pacific and Northward into the Atlantic Ocean. Covering 9.98 million square kilometers. It’s the world’s 2nd largest country. Canada’s capital is Ottawa, and it has 3 Metropolitan areas.

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