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Immigration: to the Canada from UK

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Why then are people so eager to immigrate to Canada from the UK?

There are many reasons people want to immigrate to Canada from the UK, such as creating a better future for their families, a good work-life balance, continuing their studies, or maybe just being in a larger economy more connected to a powerhouse in the USA with career opportunities that Canada offers. Canadian Immigration is presently a unique possibility for a generation, and the government of Canada has announced a critical need for up to 1 million highly skilled migrants over the next two years.

Thereafter, the 1 million migrant quotas were reached; the immigration program to Canada can be completely closed for many years. Once Canada is full, immigration opportunities will cease.

The diverse reasons for immigrating to Canada from the UK include a clean life coupled with unparalleled wildlife and winter sports opportunities. For some seasoned immigrants to Canada moving from the UK, it is necessary to reunite with their family, while for others it is a return to the place where they left wonderful memories as a student or on an IEC work tourist visa. Others move to Canada from the UK to start new businesses or invest in the country’s many opportunities.

The great thing about immigration to Canada and those looking to immigrate to Canada from the UK is that Canada makes very little distinction between nationalities.

This means that when it comes to immigration to Canada from the UK, both ex-pats in the UK and UK citizens are treated the same. While it is certainly not easy for a UK citizen to immigrate to Canada, it is no more “difficult” than if you immigrated to Canada from Europe or the United States.

How to immigrate from the UK to Canada

Most clients thinking about immigration from the UK to Canada are thinking about moving permanently to obtain a permanent residence visa in Canada. A permanent residence visa for Canada allows holders (and their immediate family) to:

  • Live and work in Canada
  • Enter and leave the country at your discretion without the need for additional visas.
  • Access to health care
  • Access to the Canadian education system for your children
  • Own real estate in Canada
  • Best of all, Canadian permanent residency visa holders migrating to Canada from the UK can convert their permanent residency visas to full Canadian ones. Citizenship is great for expats, and of course, the UK doesn’t mind dual citizenship.

Immigrant permanent residence in Canada for UK citizens can be viewed as “provisional citizenship” because there is very little difference between permanent residence and Canadian citizenship. The main differences are that a permanent resident cannot vote and that a permanent resident can be deported if they commit a serious crime.

What are the main categories of immigration to Canada from the UK?

There are 6 categories of Canadian immigration:

  1. Federal skilled worker
  2. Quebec skilled worker
  3. Provincial Candidate Program
  4. Family sponsorship
  5. Business immigrant
  6. Canadian experience

Each immigration class targets different groups of migrants and has its own set of unique requirements.

How long is the Canadian Immigration Resident Permit?

Once you and your family have been granted a permanent residence permit, you will be able to keep it indefinitely, provided that you gain at least 2 years of residence for every 5 years. It does not have to be a consistent value, it is cumulative.

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