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Belgium: cost of relocation

Belgium has seen an increase in the size of its immigrant population over the last two decades. Around a hundred thousand people move to the country each year and roughly 25 percent of Belgian residents were foreign-born. As it’s part of the Schengen Area, Belgium allows numerous EU residents passport-free trips into the country. The country has a global character as the home of the European Commission as well as being a mecca of profitable activities.

Prices of visa

You’ll need to apply for a category D long-stay Belgian visa if you’re shifting to Belgium or planning to come for a longer period (longer than a year). The standard cost of a long-stay indigenous visa is €180 plus the same extra surcharges as the non-immigrant visas. Generally, you’ll have to apply for this visa at the Belgian delegacy or consulate in your home country. However, you should do it through the regional Belgian external administration services/city hall, if you apply from within Belgium.

Family reunion visas

In general, if you’re a non-EU/ EEA or of Swiss origin, you can get a long-term visa to accompany your wife/husband or parent (if you’re a dependent family member), who has been given the authorization to come and live in Belgium as long as you fulfill certain conditions. You have to prove your relationship and have suitable accommodation in Belgium, and there must be sufficient finances to support the family’s living and health insurance costs.

You’ll need to complete an operation form for a long-stay visa in Belgium, give different documents (including a valid passport/ ID and evidence of relationship to your relative) and show evidence of fee payment.

Travel price to Belgium

The average price of a 7- day trip to the country is $1,117 for a solo tourist, $1,167 for a couple, and $2,447 for a family of 4. Restaurant prices range from $56 to $225 per night with a normal of $94, while most holiday settlements will bring $150 to $430 per night for the entire home.

Average worldwide flight costs to Belgium (from all airfields) are between $935 and $1,347 per person for low-budget flights and $2,36 to $4,230 for first class. Depending on conditioning, it’s recommended to budget $40 to$ 84 per person per day for transportation and enjoying regional guides.

Other costs related to immigration to Belgium

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Hotel Prices

The cost of staying in the country is slightly lower than the average megacity. On average restaurants are less costly than holiday settlements. Luxury holiday settlements are more costly in Belgium due to high property costs.

Flight costs

Comparing flights around the world, prices go from a high of $1,347 on average in mid-December to a low of $935 in early to mid-May. The median flight price is $550. These prices are related to millions of flights. For Belgium, the data includes thousands of forming airfields and hundreds of airlines. The area has an average variance in price compared with other locales.

Property prices

Brussels has the most expensive prices for property, as numerous ex-pats live there. However, you can rent a 1-bedroom apartment for €740 per month, if you’re moving to Brussels for work or study. An apartment in Belgium for a pupil can be around €500. Forex-pats immigrate to Brussels with family, the average rent price for a 2-bedroom apartment is about €1000. Generally, a 3-month security deposit is needed and most apartments in Belgium come unfurnished. So, transporting your table, bed, and television is a must-have in this country.

Cost of living

With Brussels always being in the top 50 of the most expensive metropolises around the world, in general, the cost of living in Belgium can be considered rather high.

In major Belgian metropolises, a transport pass for the month costs around €35–€50. In Brussels, you can anticipate paying about €125 a month for expenses.


Forex-pats moving to Belgium, it’s obligatory to have private healthcare insurance. It may take about 3-6 months before your operation will be accepted, so make sure that you’re duly insured until that time. Once you’re accepted, you get a social identification number, which is shown on your e– residency card, and you have access to the Belgian healthcare system. For EU citizens immigrating here, it’s recommended to get a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

Take away

Belgium is similar in cost to many Western European countries. There is a plenitude of stuff in the area worth visiting that costs you nothing. Transportation, like away, is more reserved in advance and advanced reservations for hotels are also recommended. In general, Belgium is a nicely priced country but with less preparation, you can make sure your funds take you far.

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