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  • Belgium: about how immigrants lives

    Belgium: about how immigrants lives

    Living in Belgium – Expat life. Located in the very heart of Europe, Belgium is a top choice tourist destination that shares its borders with the Netherlands, Germany, France, and Luxembourg.

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  • Belgium: frequently asked questions

    Belgium: frequently asked questions

    Frequently asked questions about Belgium. The Kingdom of Belgium is a country with a pleasant economic climate and a high standard of living, which makes it attractive for immigration. The people here are very polite, and the “toy” cottages and majestic Western European architecture delight the eye.

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  • Belgium: how to get passport

    Belgium: how to get passport

    Belgium passport acquiring. The Kingdom of Belgium is one of the most desirable countries in Europe for immigration. Belgian laws are friendly and democratic toward immigrants. The state allows a foreigner to quickly obtain EU citizenship.

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  • Belgium: cost of life in 2021

    Belgium: cost of life in 2021

    Cost of living in Belgium in 2021. Belgium is a fantastically beautiful country that gains your heart, whether you are just a visitor or an international student. With beautiful landscapes, breathtaking architecture, and a high multicultural environment in Belgium, you can feel right at home.

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  • Belgium: pros and cons of business

    Belgium: pros and cons of business

    Benefits and risks of investing in Belgium. Belgium offers an open economy with a range of investment options for both foreigners and residents. It is the 48th country in the world in terms of economic freedom, a very stable economy, and a high level of investor freedom.

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  • Belgium: golden visa

    Belgium: golden visa

    Belgium citizenship by investment – Golden Visa. According to the Belgium Residence Program, foreign businessmen have an opportunity to get Belgium citizenship for investments in the country’s economy. A residence permit is issued for opening a new or developing an existing business.

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  • Belgium: residence permit getting

    Belgium: residence permit getting

    Residence permit in Belgium. Belgium is one of the most attractive countries for immigrants from all over the world. The population, which in 2021 is more than 11.5 million people, consists of almost a quarter of foreign citizens and persons who have taken Belgian citizenship.

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  • Price for living in Belgium

    Price for living in Belgium

    Cost of living in Belgium. Belgium is not just one of the most developed states in Europe, it is also one of the most beautiful countries in the world and a charming nation for both tourists, international students, businessmen, and transnational companies.

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  • Belgium: business and opportunities

    Belgium: business and opportunities

    Business opportunities in the Belgium economy. The Kingdom of Belgium is a beautiful country located in Western Europe, it stands on 30,689 km2 of land and houses more than 11 million people.

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  • Belgium: how become a citizen?

    Belgium: how become a citizen?

    Options of becoming Belgium citizen. Belgium is the center of the intersection of the political and financial interests of Europe, so here are the headquarters of NATO and the European Union.

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