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Main Reasons Why VISA in Canada Gets Denied

Every year, thousands of applicants applying for Visa in Canada get their applications refused for many reasons, many of which are entirely avoidable. Candidates and their relatives are frequently disappointed and distressed as a response to these regrettable circumstances. For foreign citizens, Canada offers a variety of citizenship possibilities; however, understanding the procedures may be difficult at times. Here is a list of several common reasons people get refused permanent residence in Canada, which can help someone thinking of, or in the process of, immigrating to Canada.

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To obtain a traveling visa, you must first complete some fundamental conditions. It would be best if you did the following: 

  • Own a legitimate travel permit, such as a passport 
  • To be eligible, you must be in excellent condition and have no felony or immigration-related offenses.
  • Persuade a visa agent that you have connections to your homeland, such as employment, a shelter, capital instruments, or relatives that will allow you to return. 
  • Persuade a visa inspector that you’ll be leaving Canada after your stay.

Who cannot apply for Visa in Canada: 

Individuals who have a history of certain minor or major crimes might not even be considered for the visa. Besides this, people with health issues or any psychological issues cannot apply for Canadian visas except when they have a doctor’s appointment. 

Main reasons why the visa in Canada get rejected: 

  1. Health Issues 

All inhabitants of Canada and their families must have a health screening with a specialist whom CIC has approved. Rejection may be due to specific medical concerns. For example, candidates who need treatment for kidney disease or HIV may be considered a possible problem in Canada’s universal medical structure. CIC reserves the authority to deny anyone who has health issues. There are, nevertheless, methods to get around health-related ineligibility. A document from a consultant on the ailment, for instance, could assist an individual’s proceedings and aid to avoid denial.

  1. An undetailed invitation letter: 

Another reason that might get your visa request rejected is not showing a proper invitation letter from a Canadian relative or friend. 

If you are applying for a travel visa, It’s a smart option to receive an invite from your peers (or relatives) in Canada to assist your TRV travel visa request as a portion of your grounds for a Canadian visa and to prove that you’ll get meals and accommodation in Canada. 

The offer statement should be precise and explicitly mention that this person will offer you free meals and housing for the duration of your trip in Canada. 

It should contain your full name and birth date, as well as confirmation of your trip dates in Canada. Furthermore, the sender must acknowledge the invite message and provide a personal phone number and location in case the IRCC needs to confirm.

  1. Academic Achievement 

If you are a student looking for a student visa in Canada, your visa might get rejected due to poor academic performance. 

Officials are looking to grant visas to check for continuity in past educational results. However, while a strong GPA is important in obtaining a permit, the process does not end there. As indicated by your IELTS result, your English speaking quality is also considered when deciding on your visa request. A visa examiner may doubt your capacity to deal with English-taught classes if you have unstable marks and a low score. 

While obtaining a Canadian visa isn’t as easy as it may appear, implementing these instructions will allow you to get through the procedure quickly.

  1. Illegal Status in Your Home Nation: 

If you are residing unlawfully in another country, Canada is unlikely to think that you will follow the rules and policies of Canada. 

The authorities might think you cannot comply with foreign safety norms, especially when you have a violent history. However, you may yet be permitted to enter Canada based on the nature of your offense and how years ago it occurred.

Other few reasons that might lead to visa rejection: 

  • Unable to submit complete and correct related documentation 
  • Inability to demonstrate sufficient economic means to fund your trip to and residence in Canada 
  • Travelers to Canada may also be denied entry due to Canada’s gates’ temporary closure throughout the Coronavirus crisis.

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