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Canada: travel visa requirements

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The kind of Canadian visa you need to apply for depends on the purpose and length of your stay. For illustration, if you wanted to go to Canada as a visitant, you’ll need a temporary visitant visa. If you want to study, you’ll need a pupil visa.

Demanded documents for a Canadian visa

  • Your passport.
  • Applicable Canadian visa operation form.
  • Validation of paid Canadian visa freights.
  • Validation of clean lawless record.
  • Validation of being in good health through a medical test.
  • Prints following print conditions for Canada visa.
  • Validation of fiscal means.
  • Substantiation you’ll go back to your home country once the Canadian visa expires.
  • Identity and civil status documents.
  • One cover letter which describes the purpose of your trip to Canada.
  • Letter of support/ engagement to Canada.


You must have a valid passport and any other trip attestation. When you apply for a Canadian visa, you must give photocopies of the information varlet of your must include:

  • Your passport numbers.
  • The date of issuing and expiry.
  • Your particular information: name, print, place of birth, and date of birth.

Documents and forms 

When you apply for a Canadian visa, you’ll have to download an operation package from the IRCC website. There, you’ll find an educational companion, document canon, as well as all the forms you have to complete and submit. 

You have to submit all the documents and forms that are on the canon. These documents include (but aren’t limited to) passport duplicates, cinema, figure bills, and other identity documents.

In addition to the documents listed on IRCC’s canon, different countries may bear specific documents. You’ll have to ask the visa office responsible in your country whether you need fresh documents

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Validation of paid Canada visa freights 

To apply for a Canadian visa, you’ll need to pay the necessary freight and attach the bills to your operation. The figure price changes depending on the purpose of the trip.

There are two types of freights:

  • Operation processing figure
  • Biometric figure

Canadian visa prints

You have to give two passport images entrenched from Canada’s Requirements. However, your operation could be rejected, If the images don’t match the conditions set by Canada’s government.

Validation of fiscal means

You have to give confirmation that you can financially support yourself and any family members that may be coming with you for the duration of your stay. 

One can manage this through the following:

  1. Bank statements.
  2. Letter of employment showing periodic earnings.
  3. Confirmation you have arranged to admit fiscal support from musketeers/ family to cover the duration of your stay. Confirmation of income of your Canadian host or family members.

Keep in mind this isn’t a total list and different countries may bear other types of validation.

The validation that you’ll return to your home country once the visa expires 

You’ll need to assure your visa officers that after your visa expires, you’ll return home. There are several ways you could do that, including validation of employment, confirmation you enjoy a property in your home country, and proving family ties in your home country.

Medical test

You have to be in good health to gain access to a Canadian visa, to prove that you may be demanded to enter a medical examination and include the results in your operation.

Still, if you plan to stay for less than six months, a medical test isn’t necessary unless you’ll be working with people.

Purpose of trip 

You should give:

  1. Engagement letter from your patron or the family member/ friend you’ll visit.
  2. Contact information of the people who can support your pronounced purpose of visit.
  3. Any documents that support your purpose of the trip.

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