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Guide to Canada’s Immigration Application Process

This northern state has one of the highest living standards worldwide, good salaries, many opportunities for development and work. After all, Canada is simply a beautiful country with majestic nature. Accordingly, it is not surprising that this state has become one of the priority areas for immigration.

Moreover, Canada recently expanded its immigration plan for 2019-2020. The country is ready to grant residence permits to almost a million people. The Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration of the Maple Leaf Country is continually expanding quotas for foreigners.

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More about immigration to Canada

When accepting residents, the government pays attention primarily to the following criteria:

  • Age;
  • Education;
  • Qualifications and work experience.

However, there are specialized programs that each immigrant chooses, based on the features of his or her situation. There are three main categories, which are divided into subcategories. They include:

  1. Economic. More than 50% of foreigners are admitted under the programs of these sections. Major: Federal, Quebec, and Provincial. It is a good chance for skilled workers and business representatives;
  2. Family sponsorship program. Proposals for uniting families, close relatives;
  3. Humanities is the smallest category.

The cost is estimated independently for each family, depending on the number of its affiliates, their age, and other factors. Also, for the first time, there should be a specific cost of living. Besides, it should be in mind that in different programs there is a consular fee, the amount of which varies.

Canada gives preference to graduates. At the same time, he actively fights against illegal immigrants. It is advantageous for the country that professionals work officially and pay taxes. The most popular are:

  • IT workers;
  • Medical staff;
  • Engineers;
  • Researchers;
  • Teachers;
  • Managers and directors, including top management, etc.

Also, low-skilled workers can count on some migration programs with the feasibility of issuing a residence permit, for example, pickers, cleaners, waiters, drivers, and so on. The caring staff falls into another category.

It is also likely to go to Canada for permanent residence after studying at one of the accredited institutions. We suggest choosing an immigration program in advance to make it easier later. It is also desirable to gain expert experience in the appropriate specialty as soon as possible. After a year of working in Canada, there is a chance to obtain a residence permit. Besides, such a program works for internships and volunteering.

To apply for immigration or study, you will need to take an IELTS test for knowledge of a foreign language (but you need to initially understand what level and exam verification you need to take). We remind you that Canada has two official languages ​​- English and French. Accompanying with the preparation for the exams, it is essential to estimate the diploma. After that, the company’s specialist accumulates all the mandatory documents that are missing in your immigration case.

How to live in Canada in 2021

Get a passing score in Express Entry

In January 2015, Canada started one of the most forward-looking immigration systems called Express Entry. The purpose of the system is a more effective and faster selection of highly qualified immigrants through the so-called pool. Express Entry is created on the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), which evaluates candidates based on their profile information. Points are calculated based on the following factors:

  • Skills and work experience;
  • Education (including new rules);
  • Knowledge of English and French;
  • Language comprehension and education of the applicant’s spouse or common-law partner;
  • Availability of a job offer by a labor market impact assessment (LMIA);
  • Availability of a provincial government program for permanent residence;
  • Certain combinations of language skills, education, and work experience resulting in a higher likelihood of an applicant.

Immigrate to Canada through study

By far the most widespread and expensive way to move and resettle to Canada. The price of yearly tuition differs from 16 to 40 thousand per year. After receiving your education, you receive a work visa, and through subsequent work experience in the specialty that you graduated from Canada, you can obtain residency after citizenship. 

Go to Canada as a qualified professional

If you are the expert that Canada requires, then you have a good possibility of leaving, but again, just being a specialist is not enough. You will need to provide a confirmed and certified-translated work experience. Also, a certified-translated diploma in the specialty, pass an English exam at the required level, provide data on property, a police clearance certificate, undergo a medical examination, and most importantly – present a proposal about working from a Canadian employer. If all this is in your hands – then there are excellent indications for immigration to Canada. Those specialists who are on the list of in-demand specialists for immigration to Canada in 2021 have good opportunities to leave for Canada.

Go to Canada under the program for entrepreneurs or business immigration

The essence of the curriculum is to create jobs for Canadians. If you have an idea and a similar business plan that will entertain the Canadian government, then you are welcome. Three basic requirements:

  • Have $ 300,000 in the net value of individual and business assets;
  • Hire at least one Canadian;
  • Control business for at least three years in this area.

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