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Immigration to Cyprus from India

Indian nationals must get a visa to visit Cyprus. You must get a current visa before departing, regardless of whether you are traveling for leisure, business, employment, or academic research.

Mountain village on Cyprus.

Visa requirements for Indian nationals

Contingent upon the kind of visa (travel pass) you’re chasing, there might be limitations. The general circumstances for Indian residents looking for a pass to Cyprus are as follows:

Filled-out visa application

The application form is available on the High Commission’s website. Additionally, you may get the application form from Cyprus VFS Global if you apply via them.

Photos for a passport

Must be current and fit the required specifications for backdrop, size, and format.

Authentic and current passport

Having an original passport that remains valid for a minimum of three (3) months beyond the expiration date of your requested pass would be beneficial.

Schedule for travel and lodging arrangements

Before entering Cyprus, you must also make sure you have some kind of preliminary booking documentation. These include hotel bookings and round-trip airline tickets, for instance.

Banking records

Three (3) months’ worth of bank statements are required before entering Cyprus. They must also include information about the issuing bank, including its official stamp.

Income tax returns and tax declarations

The tax authorities in India are where you may acquire your tax declarations. If you are unable to produce them, you must submit an undertaking regarding their non-availability.

Travel health insurance

For the full period of the visitor’s stay in Cyprus, coverage of at least €30.000 is required.

Additional papers relating to the goal of your application will be requested from you.

The method of applying for a pass

Indian passport holders may apply for a visa to Cyprus in one of two methods.

Apply at the embassy

Use the following procedures to apply for a pass to Cyprus via the embassy:

Choose the appropriate visa type

Depending on why you are visiting, decide if you need a tourist, business, or student pass. For details on available pass kinds and requirements, go to the official website of the Cyprus embassy or consulate in your nation.

Gather the necessary paperwork

Amass all the documents you’ll need to submit a visa application. This usually consists of:

  • A completed visa application form;
  • A passport with at least six months left on it after the anticipated stay;
  • Passport-sized photos;
  • Proof of travel insurance;
  • Proof of lodging;
  • A travel itinerary;
  • Financial records proving you have enough money; and 
  • Any other documents necessary for the type of pass you’re applying for.

Organize a meeting

If an appointment is necessary, check the embassy’s website. If a meeting is required, make a reservation far in advance to guarantee your desired day and time.

Show up for the appointment

Visit the embassy or consulate on the appointed day to make an appointment. As directed, bring all necessary documentation, including copies. Send the embassy staff your application and any supporting documents. They could also interview you or inquire more about your visit.

Remit the pass fee

At the embassy, pay the required visa fee. For Visa applications, the Consulate solely accepts cash payments.

Get your pass

Return to the embassy or consulate to pick up your passport once it has been stamped with the approval stamp for your pass. Observe the embassy’s instructions about the collecting procedure.

Apply at a visa center

First off, VFS Cyprus has been contracted by the High Commission of the Republic of Cyprus in India to receive all visa applications. 

Completing the application for a pass

On the website of the Consulate, you may download the Cyprus visa application form. If you apply for your pass via VFS Cyprus, you may also get it there. You will get assistance from VFS Global professionals while you complete your application.

Making a reservation

To get your biometric data (fingerprints and a picture) taken at the VFS Visa Application Center, make an appointment. You will get a booking confirmation email after making your appointment. Since there is a strong demand for Visa appointments in Cyprus, it is crucial to schedule your appointment well in advance to guarantee success. The following Indian cities also have functioning VFS Cyprus visa application centers: Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, and New Delhi. As a result, you may schedule an appointment in any of these nearby cities.

Paying for an Indian’s visa to Cyprus

You must pay the Cyprus pass fee for the pass type you are applying for after scheduling your visa appointment. You may pay for your Visa application at the VFS Global Application Center with cash or a card (POSH system). You may pay the Visa Application Fee online as well.

Being present during your visa appointment

Make sure to show up for your visa application appointment at the center of your choice after paying your application cost. Once Center representatives have collected all of your biometric data, you may submit your pass application form and the previously indicated supporting papers for processing.

Picking up your pass

The Consulate will use your preferred means of contact to update you on the status of your pass application once you’ve submitted it. Following the approval of your visa application, Cyprus VFS will let you know where to pick up your passport with the visa already attached.

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