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Cyprus: job finding guide

Find the job - Cyprus

Cyprus is also a top-choice location for most expats that want to bask under the sun. While other foreigners see this Mediterranean country as a prime business location in the EU and a good place to start a small business in Europe.  If you are plan on living and working in the country, there are some things you need to know about the Cypriot labor market before you immigrate for employment.

In this guide, we’ll be revealing all you need to know as an expat planning to relocate to Cyprus for work. Even if you’ve never visited the country, we’ll give you a step-by-step guide on how to land a good job in Cyprus.

Country overview

There are so many reasons why Cyprus is a great place to work as an ex-pat in Europe. The work environment and cost of living are just right for ex-pat building a work profile in Europe. There are so many expat-friendly policies that allow you to build a professional portfolio easily.

The most spoken language is Greek, while the English language is a second language in the country. More than 65% of the country’s population speaks fluent English. Most road signs, restaurants, ad banners, and phone directories are written in English and Greek. Since most residents are bilingual, English-speaking ex-pats have no problem with communication.

Tourism makes up the largest portion of the country’s GDP. There are jobs available in the ICT, finance, banking, hospitality, energy sector, green technology, and manufacturing sectors. The working structures used in Cyprus are similar to those of other developed European countries.

You should also know that there is a high level of favoritism in the Cypriot labor markets. Most employers would rather hire a Cypriot or EU/EFTA national or citizens of the UK citizens over a Non-EU and third-country national. Non-EU nationals are usually hired if their qualification cannot be met by an EU Citizen.

What this simply means is that it would be easier for EU nationals to get hired or employed in an executive position in a company, than Non-EU nationals. Don’t worry in case you are not an EU citizen.

The quality of life in Cyprus is very high and rewarding. The country’s infrastructure is of the highest standards. Cyprus also boasts of excellent academic standards, an elegant lifestyle, great weather, favorable tax policies, and a reliable social support system.

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Who can work in Cyprus?

EU, Swiss, and UK nationals can live and work anywhere in the nation without a work visa or permit. But if you plan on staying in the country for more than three months, you must possess a registration certificate, proof of employment, proof of financial sustenance, proof of residency, an Alien Registration Card (ARC), and your social security number.

The entire process needed to work in Cyprus is somewhat rigorous for Non-EU citizens. Your visa application will be reviewed by the Department of Labour, the Civil Registry, and the Migration Department. Your visa application can also take up to three months to review, process, and approve.

You cannot migrate to Cyprus for work without possessing a work permit or travel visa. You must also have secured a job in Cyprus before you can apply for a travel visa. Your employer must also apply for a work permit on your behalf while you are still in your home country.

Once you have your visa, work permit, and job secured, you can travel to Cyprus to obtain a residency permit. Your residence permit allows you to live anywhere in Cyprus for up to 90 days.

Where to look for work

One of the easiest ways to land a high-paying job is by applying through online job portals. These online sites don’t just allow you to secure a high-paying job in Cyprus, they also enable easy search and application for jobs in Cyprus in your home country.

Instead of carrying your documents and credentials from one firm to another, you can apply for jobs from your home and filter your search by industry, location, salary, and role in the organization.

Some of the best online sites to start your job search are Public Service Employment Online System, Career Builder, Career Jet, Learn 4 Good, ESL Employment, Total ESL, ESL Café, Tesall, Overseas Jobs, and Go Abroad, and Linkedin.

Cyprus is a relatively small country, so getting a friend in an organization to refer you to the manager is a great way to start. An inside man in the company can help you speed up your employment chances even if you are a Non-EU citizen.

Salaries and Taxation

The average salary is around €15,000/annum. Cyprus also has one of the lowest tax rates in Europe which is why it is a haven for most companies looking for a European base.  The corporate tax rate is as low as 12.5%, while the income tax rate is below 30%.

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