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Getting a US Visa as a citizen of Italy

To get a US visa as an Italian resident, you will normally have to follow these means:

American flag and visa

Decide the sort of visa you want

The kind of entry pass you require relies upon your motivation for visiting the US, like the travel industry, business, work, study, or family gathering. Each visa classification has explicit necessities.

Complete the DS-160 structure

Visit the U.S. Division of State’s site and complete the DS-160 structure on the web. You will get an affirmation receipt with a standardised identification, which you ought to print and save for your records.

Pay the visa application charge

Pay the non-refundable application expense according to the entry pass class you’re applying for. You can track down fee data on the U.S. Division of State’s site.

Make a profile on the US visa information and appointment authorities’ site

This is where you will plan your interview arrangement and pay the entry pass application expense. Adhere to the directions on the site to make your profile.

Plan a visa interview

After making a profile, you can plan an arrangement at the closest U.S. government office or department in Italy for an interview. Be ready to give all expected documentation.

Collect required documents

Regularly, you will require substantial identification, a passport estimated photograph. The DS-160 verification receipt, verification of payment of the entry pass charge, and any supporting documents categorically for your visa classification (e.g., invitation letters, work letters, monetary reports).

Go to the visa interview

On the booked date, go to the visa interview at the U.S. Embassy or department. Be ready to respond to inquiries concerning your expected travel, ties to Italy, and other significant data.

Biometric information assortment

Depending upon the visa class and your age, you might be expected to give biometric information, for example, fingerprints at the entry pass application focus.

Wait for visa processing 

After the meeting, your application will be processed. Processing times shift based on the class and different elements.

Visa issuance or refusal

Assuming your entry pass is approved, it will be set in your identification. Whenever denied, you will get a composed clarification for the refusal.

The processing time

The processing time for getting a U.S. entry pass from Italy can shift depending upon a few elements, including the sort of entry pass you are applying for and the ongoing interest at the U.S. government office or department where you have your interview. Here are a few overall principles for processing times:

Nonimmigrant visas

Normally, the handling time for nonimmigrant entry passes can go from a couple of days to half a month. Generally speaking, you can hope to get a decision within two or three weeks after your interview. Notwithstanding, during top travel seasons or then again assuming extra regulatory handling is required, it might take more time.

Migrant visas

Worker visa processing times can differ essentially based on the particular class and the accessibility of visa numbers. A few classes might have waiting periods for a month or even years. You can check the announcement on the U.S. Branch of State’s site for data on its accessibility and waiting times.

K-1 Fiancé(e) visas

These entry passes can likewise have variable processing times, however overall, they might require a while from appeal approval to visa issuance.

Take away

To avoid delays, be certain to present a complete and precise application, go to your visa interview as booked, and give any mentioned reports speedily.

Recall that entry pass necessities and strategies can change, so checking the authority of the U.S. is fundamental. Branch of State site and the site of the U.S. government office or department in Italy for the most up-to-date data before applying. Furthermore, consider talking with a migration lawyer for customized guidance.

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