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How to go to study abroad for free? Free study in Europe, the USA, and Canada for foreigners.

It is no secret that many foreigners who want to leave for permanent residence in Europe, Canada, or the United States cannot find work in their specialties, and their diplomas obtained in other countries are not valid. In this case, the opportunity to receive free training in your profession abroad will be very helpful.

About the possibilities of study for free

Some countries are happy to host foreigners, providing them with free education. This is due to the problems of educating young people abroad, where higher education is not considered prestigious. Therefore, for foreign students, there remains the opportunity not only to study abroad for free but also to earn a decent scholarship, paying in full for their accommodation.

There are similar universities in some areas: USA, Sweden, Austria, Italy, Germany, Finland, and other countries. You can navigate in the choice by several indicators:

The cost of living is different in all countries. If you have to spend a lot in Norway, the prices for living and education in the Czech Republic are much more pleasant. It is worth finding out not only about universities but also the cost of living.

Many universities allow you to combine study with work. If you find a decent job, you can try to enter an educational institution, even if you have to pay for your studies. And certainly enough for food, travel, and textbooks.

If you want to get a job in any country for permanent residence, it is reasonable to receive a diploma there. Then free education abroad may end up with an invitation to a good job. Sometimes, interested employers select students even before graduation and help them financially by paying scholarships and offering part-time work.

The difficulties of applying to universities abroad

Study abroad for foreigners is not always available for free, as it requires a high level of knowledge of foreign languages. Besides, the level of knowledge must be high enough, otherwise, you will only be offered paid training. Do not forget that in China young people are ready to learn each ticket by heart to the last letter, the competition is quite serious. But still, there are always chances, even studying in China.

A good way out of the situation is to enroll in language courses abroad immediately after graduating from your school. Having received the necessary level of knowledge in the language, after school you can safely enter the university. In this case, it will be much easier to do it.

After the university, a foreigner has the opportunity to enroll in a master’s program, however, each higher institution regulates its number of semesters passed.

You can study abroad for free, but it’s not so simple:

Some universities set a condition – monthly receipt of a certain amount on the applicant’s bank card. Thus, the educational institution makes sure that the future student can pay for food, housing, and other necessary expenses: nothing should prevent the student from studying. The guarantee of any citizen of this country will help to resolve the issue.

Upon admission, you must pay a down payment. The amount varies from 500 to 1500 conventional units, depending on the decision of the board of trustees. Ultimately, the funds remain with the student: universities spend them on travel passes, textbooks, and other necessary trifles, but you need to be prepared for this.

Accommodation, food, etc. will have to be paid for, and in European countries, such things are significantly affordable.

Options for obtaining High education abroad

It is possible to get an education abroad free of charge for foreign citizens. However, there are difficulties. First, you still have to pay for living in a hostel or a rented apartment, for teaching aids and other expenses. Secondly, to apply for a student visa, you must provide a bank statement or other document confirming the financial viability of the student. Therefore, it is necessary to calculate your capabilities (primarily financial), weigh all the pros and cons, and only after that make the final decision.

Today, 3 main options allow foreigners to receive free education abroad.

  1. Enroll in a university in the country of permanent residence and then apply for a transfer or immediately after graduating from high school or college.
  2. Take one or more courses in your country.
  3. Graduate from a university in the territory of permanent residence and enroll in a master’s program abroad.

Classification of foreign schools

In the countries of the European Union, the following division of schools is accepted according to many criteria: sex, religion, form of education (day, boarding, or half board). Also, schools are divided into municipal and private. In the latter, the number of students usually does not exceed 50 people.

What do parents need to know?

To correctly send a child to study in another state, you need to know the basic aspects and adhere to the following recommendations:

Education abroad for foreigners is possible for free mainly only in universities, for education in schools you will have to pay on a general basis.

Choose the right curriculum. It is especially important if the level of proficiency in a foreign language is not up to the mark. It is recommended to start preparation in advance, for example with specialized courses (summer vacation camps).

Choice of payment method (100% or partial).

Prepare documents for the child’s departure in advance:

  • visa;
  • permission from parents or their substitutes;
  • references, certificates;
  • insurance policy and others.

Preparing for study at an American university

Studying in higher educational institutions in the United States is very attractive for foreigners. But it is almost impossible to study successfully without taking English courses here. Moreover, in specialized courses, students study disciplines that will be useful in the future when entering the chosen faculty.

On the territory of the United States, there is a program “Pathway Programs”. Its main advantage is enrollment in the 3rd year of the university, after completing this program.

In addition to attractiveness, a diploma obtained in America is also prestigious. Besides, the opportunity to apply for employment in the largest and most famous international corporations. In this regard, the magistracy is very popular here, which can be enrolled directly or through an international educational center. A master’s degree obtained in the United States is quoted in every corner of the world and there are usually no problems with hiring.

Education in Europe for free

For many foreigners, the question is very relevant: How to study abroad for free and where is it best done? ” The most popular among students are the following countries: Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Denmark, Italy, Turkey. Here you can study for a master’s degree for free. It is only important to understand that a prerequisite is an excellent knowledge of a foreign language (English or the country where the classes will be held). It should also be understood that everything else has to be paid for. This includes using tutorials from the library, going to the gym, and more. 

The duration of studies for a bachelor’s degree is 3-5 years, for a master’s degree – from 2 to 3 years, to receive a doctor’s degree – 2 years.

In addition to the positive aspects, there are also disadvantages here. Here are the main ones:

  • the academic year runs from mid-October to July;
  • unusual testing system;
  • writing off is not accepted and is strictly controlled.

The Czech Republic

It is possible to study without payment at one of the universities in the Czech Republic only on the condition that the foreigner speaks the national language and the learning process is conducted in it.


Among foreign applicants, this state is considered the most loyal. Perfect knowledge of the language is not required here. Foreign students, during the first two years, study German, attend classes, and enjoy all the benefits laid down for students.


Studying here is an ideal option, in 2021 there is a great opportunity to enter most faculties without passing the entrance exams.

Where do children adapt best?

Psychologists from different countries regularly conduct research. According to their results, foreign students adapt best in Switzerland. This is due to the international team of most educational institutions, which cannot be said about Germany or Italy.

But this does not mean at all that you should be limited in your choice. Young people can adapt much more efficiently than those who are older. So, despite the difficulties and differences in cultures, studying in China, for example, is a popular and very promising direction.

Global UGRAD

American exchange program that allows full-time students to study in the United States. It applies to all European states and countries of Central Asia. The selection is carried out on a competitive basis.

The program participant has some advantages:

  • assistance in resolving the visa issue;
  • round trip travel is paid by the host;
  • hostel accommodation, training, meals, compensation;
  • a scholarship is paid (monthly).

Au-Pair and Work and Travel

There are also exchange programs for foreigners: Au-Pair and Work and Travel. The first operates in Europe and the USA, and the second in the USA. Thanks to them, students can go abroad for a period from 4 months to 1 year, to study the language, work abroad and get acquainted with the culture and customs of the country.

The Au-Pair program

allows living with one of the families abroad, to take language courses, but in return to help with housework and look after the children.

Work and Travel USA

It is the most popular and demanded program for international students today. During which they study and work, receiving quite a decent salary.

Today it is quite possible for foreigners to get an education abroad for free. To do this, you must meet certain requirements and have a good knowledge of a foreign language. Such conditions exist in many European countries, the USA, Canada, and other countries.

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