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Top 3 countries in EU to apply residence permit

In following articles there will be a description of 3 countries that offer residence permits for investments. Three countries in Europe that have the cheapest investment to getting residence permit or golden visa are Latvia, Greece, and Malta.

These countries have many factors that increase their ranking up on the scale of investing in return for residency. The criteria of evaluation are fees, amount of investment, time spent processing the application, property prices, overall health care and economic factors.

Appeal of investing in Latvia for a residence permit

If someone wishes to obtain residence permit in Latvia there is an option to invest in businesses. In case person has invested share capital of company with goal to grow and earn more money or someone who simply has invested in share capital at a new business and also has paid 10 000 EUR into the State budget he or she can easily get a residence permit in Latvia.

To submit for residence permit required documents are residence permit request, photo, document that confirms the needed subsistence and a document that confirms payment to state duty. There can also be a group investing in a company by paying the State budget, as no more than 10 foreigners can apply from one capital business.

There is also an option for a person to invest in bonds to get a residence permit. Documents needed for such application is the form of request for residence permit, photo, document that contains necessary subsistence, criminal record released by competent institution, and lastly payment documentation that proves the payment of State fee. First payment is 38 000 EUR to the State budget.

For buying a property in Latvia, cost of the property shouldn’t be less than 250 000 EUR with its cadastral value more than 80.000 EUR. To get a residence permit for 5 years investors need to invest in Latvian crediting institution at least 300 000 EUR. In case residence permit is requested for the first time then the payment is in amount of 25 000 EUR. Read more about life in Latvia!


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Appeal of investing in Greece for a residence permit

After the results of “Best Citizenships Golden Visa Rankings 2019” report the top location in European Union for golden visa has been nominated to be Greece. Greece has top scores as the investing to get a residency permit is low in Greece, processing time is short and other factors have impacted the ranking. More facts about the Greece.

The minimal investment is 250 000 EUR in Greek properties that can open the window for residence permit. Real estate in Greece is really cheap as the property price in square meters is only 1600 US dollars. As for other fees government, notary, lawyer and other services will amount to 15 000 EUR. New property buying also includes 24 percent VAT.

Greece is also one of the few countries in the world that has the strongest passport in terms of traveling without the complications of getting visas.

Why invest in Greece? The reasons for why exactly this country is good for investment in return for residence permit is clear – it is just very optimal to buy properties, start businesses in a country that has been adapting the process to make more easy. Greece is interested in attracting foreigners and new ideas to their land, therefore the need for residence permit by investment can be met. Other reasons why relocate to Greece.

Appeal of investing in Malta for a residence permit

Citizenship can be obtained from 880 000 EUR starting from contributions to National Development and something like socially raised funds to purchasing government bonds or buying a property inland.

Malta also has a quite high ranking in Human Development Index statistic with a rating of 29 points. This index is collected from ranking the life expectancy, education and other indicators and means that the overall development of the residents of Malta is happening. There are financial contributions for family applications starting from 25 000 EUR and real estate investment option for financial contribution that will extend to five years of stay.
Investment in government bonds there is a minimum of 150 000 EUR as a financial contribution.

How about the safety of investing in Malta? Malta’s assets are worth seven times the GDP which makes the country very secure in economic terms. The prognosis is that Maltese economy will expand more and more in future. The industries of technology and sciences have been growing in last couple of years making Malta a great place for investment anyway. 

Immigration to Malta overview.

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