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  • Immigration to Greece from Afghanistan

    Immigration to Greece from Afghanistan

    Immigration is a universal phenomenon that affects economies, cultures, and society. Greece has recently grown in popularity as a refugee destination for people fleeing war, especially those from Afghanistan. This essay explores the difficulties and possibilities of immigration from Afghanistan to Greece, illuminating the difficult journey that these people must make. Motivations for migration Afghanistan…

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  • Buying property in Greece – full guide

    Buying property in Greece – full guide

    Greece has always been a sought-after travel destination for visitors and expats due to its breathtaking landscapes, extensive history, and vibrant culture. International buyers seeking to own a piece of this Mediterranean paradise have recently been interested in the Greek real estate market. However, managing the estate purchase procedure in Greece can be challenging, especially…

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  • Finding accommodation in Greece 

    Finding accommodation in Greece 

    Greece is a captivating combination of sun-drenched islands, towering mountains, bustling cities, and age-old customs. It is vast, diverse, and visually magnificent. It was the world’s first democracy, dating back to the fifth century B.C., and is energetic, hospitable, and full of surprises. It is encircled by the warm embrace of the Aegean Sea. Greece…

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  • Main reasons why visa in Greece gets denied 

    Main reasons why visa in Greece gets denied 

    Greece is a beautiful country, filled with history, culture, and natural wonders. As a member of the European Union, Greece welcomes visitors from all over the world, but obtaining a visa for travel to Greece is not always easy. There are several reasons why a visa to Greece may be denied, and travelers need to…

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  • Getting an employment visa – work permit in Greece

    Getting an employment visa – work permit in Greece

    For employment in Greece, all citizens from outside the European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA) must possess a current residence and work permit. Before beginning their job in the nation, they must get this document. Obtaining a visa The applicant must submit a physical application at the Greek Consulate Authority in his or…

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  • Greece: about the education system

    Greece: about the education system

    Education in Greece. Greece has been a republic since 1974, and a member state in the EU since 1981. There are more than a million and one thing to love about Greece.

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  • Greece: job guide for immigrants

    Greece: job guide for immigrants

    Working in Greece as expat. Greece is a very beautiful country that is famous for having one of the best climates all year-round, ancient history, beautiful architecture, and extraordinary culture. It joined the EU in 1981 and ever since this country has grown to become a choice destination for tourists worldwide.

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  • Study in Greece for international students

    Study in Greece for international students

    Free education in Greece. It sounds tempting to get higher education in an educational institution of ancient Hellas, especially since a study in Greece is free, and you can enter without exams and a language certificate based on the marks in the school certificate.

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  • Greek citizenship obtaining

    Greek citizenship obtaining

    Getting Greek citizenship. A Greek passport opens up free access to 174 countries around the world. Its owner gets the opportunity to live, work, travel, study, buy real estate and do business in any country of the European Union without any restrictions.

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  • Banking in Greece

    Banking in Greece

    Greece Bank Account. There is a lot to gain and plenty to offer as a foreigner in Greece. The culture, climate, cuisine, artwork, and architecture are top-notch.

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