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Ten reasons to relocate to Cyprus

More than 3,5 millions of tourists come to Cyprus every year. Fantastic beaches, unusual places to visit, unique culture traditions and tasty local dishes draw attention of many travellers. Cyprus is a perfect and idyllic place not only for relaxing, but also for living. Below we describe 10 reasons why it is an ideal country to enjoy your life.

Large expats community

The Cypriot expat community can help foreign people to get used to a completely different lifestyle. It is especially important in the first few months. Other people from your country could point you in the right direction. They can help you even with job searching, if you have some difficulties in finding work. The main communities in Cyprus are the English, The Armenians, the Russians, and the Asians. Lots of special schools set up to teach foreign children.

High standard and low cost of living

The country is well-known for the perfect work/life balance. The local people are hard workers, but they also like to spend their free time with families and friends. Life expectancy in Cyprus is one of the longest in Europe. The country provides a high European level standard of living. The annual per capita income in Cyprus is almost 27 000 US dollars.

Cost of living in Cyprus is comparatively low (an average rate is around 25% lower than in the EU countries). Property prices are reasonable enough. The government also offers some benefits to foreigners who buy properties inside the country. That is why the property market in Cyprus has really grown over the past several years. Moreover, the rental market is healthy too, and properties are fairly inexpensive.

Good healthcare services

The public and private healthcare services in Cyprus are excellent. The standards are often exceeded the international norms. Clinics, hospitals and medical centers have the latest equipment. The local people can receive free basic medical treatment via the National Healthcare System. Human health is the responsibility of the country. All public hospitals in Cyprus provide free emergency care. The island country is also a popular healthcare destination because of the perfect climate conditions.

Extremely high quality of education

The quality of education in Cyprus is really high. State schools are free for children aged 5 to 18. They teach in the Greek language. For those who do not know Greek, the schools give extra language lessons. A few international schools offer good education for all those who wish. Such institutions are, of course, private and require the fees. Each city has high-quality English and French schools. Lots of private universities are around the country.

Low crime rates and tolerant society

Cyprus is one of the world’s safest countries with low crime rates (one tenth of the average rate of the other EU countries). Therefore, it is an ideal place for families with young children. The local people are not used to lock their cars and even houses. However, petty thefts sometimes occur in residential neighborhoods.

Lots of employment opportunities

Some big international companies often propose new employment opportunities for both local residents and expats. The chance to get a good and well-paid job is one of the main reasons to relocate to Cyprus for foreigners. Lots of expats began to prosper in different industries such as plumbing, construction or tourism.

Climate and weather in Cyprus

The climate here is considered one of the best for human health in the world. Cyprus has long dry summers and short mild winters. Rains occur mostly during the winter months. In the Troodos Mountains you can see snow. More than 300 days a year the sun shines on the whole island. So, the Cypriot weather allows people to get out and enjoy the close contact with nature.

Low environmental pollution

There are not many heavy industrial factories in Cyprus that can pollute the environment. For that reason, the country is a pollution free area. The local air, water and land do not have industrial contamination. That is exactly why lots of people with respiratory problems come to Cyprus to improve their health. There is just one problem. Dust storms sometimes occur in the spring.

Low taxes in Cyprus

Income tax rates in Cyprus are comparatively low. For instance, VAT in Cyprus is only 19% with a lot of items such foodstuffs taxed with a low 8%. Corporate tax for companies is only 10%. Moreover, there is limited capital gains tax (0% for profits less than 17,088 euro) and no inheritance tax. Cyprus has double tax treaties with over 40 countries (Scandinavian countries, USA, UK, Russia and many others).

Two languages are widely spoken

Cyprus was a British colony from 1878 until 1960, so the majority of people in the country speak two languages fluently. They are Greek (Cypriot dialect of Greek) and English. So, the expats do not have to break the language barrier. English is used in every aspect of society there. They do not need to know Greek.

Undoubtedly you can find many other causes to move to this island country. We have highlighted only ten main reasons that could be interesting for expats. So, if you have a chance, you should definitely relocate to Cyprus.

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