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UAE: work permit guide

Work permit - UAE

The United Arab Emirates also appertained to as the UAE or the Emirates is a popular destination for migrants due to its fairly simple visa conditions compared to the neighboring countries in the Middle East. Still, like any other country, there are specific conditions that must be followed regarding immigration, residency visas, and work permits.

The following are the types of Work Visas in the United Arab Emirates. In the UAE, there’s one type of work permit. This work permit is frequently appertained to as a labor card. Still, workers will need to gain an entry visa, residency visa, and an Emirate ID card before they can apply for a work permit.

Conditions to gain UAE Work Visas

To gain a residency visa in the UAE, workers will need the following documents:

  • A valid passport and a photocopy.
  • Passport Pictures.
  • An Emirates ID card.
  • The results of medical examining.
  • A duplicate of a company card from the employer.
  • A duplicate of the company’s economic license.

To get a work permit, the worker will need all of the documents listed above as well as a work permit operation form, which must be completed in Arabic.

Operation process

It may be helpful to suppose the process of carrying a UAE work permit in three stages getting an employment entry visa, getting an Emirates ID card (also known as a Resident Identity Card), and carrying a residency visa and work permit.

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Steps to get an Entry Visa for the UAE 

An employment entry visa in the UAE is also appertained to as a pink visa. To begin the process of carrying this permit, the employer must apply for visa consent on behalf of the worker. This consent will be attained through the Ministry of Labour (MOL).

Afterward, the employer will avail an employment contract to the MOL. The prospective worker must subscribe to this contract. The Ministry must authorize the work permit operation before issuing an employment entry visa. With the consent and visa secured, the worker will have two months to enter the UAE.

Getting an Emirates ID

An Emirates ID is needed for the medical examination of workers who will need to apply for a residency visa. To apply for an ID, the worker must give their entry visa along with an original passport and a duplicate. The applicants will need to apply in person at the Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA) center, where they will give biometrics including fingerprints and a picture.

Acquiring a Residence Visa and Work Permit

In the process of applying for a residency visa, the worker will need all of the necessary documents listed in the former section. A residency visa in the UAE is a valid one to three times and can be renewed. The hand’s work permit will be listed as part of the occupancy visa.

Once the work permit is approved, the worker can officially begin working.

Other important Considerations

One special factor of getting employed in the UAE is that work permits must be financed by a reality that’s locally certified and incorporated in the UAE. This demand can complicate the process for companies that are in the early stages of global expansion. However, you can work with a global PEO as the Employer of Record in the UAE, If your company doesn’t have an established presence in the UAE.

Some workers may also wish to bring family members with them to the UAE. Workers can finance occupancy visas for family members once they’ve entered their own occupant visas.

How to apply

Still, you can submit an operation and admit your UAE visa entirely online – without having to submit your passport for stamping, If you’re traveling to or stopping over in Dubai with Emirates. The online visa operation service is available for residents and citizens of numerous countries around the world.

This service is only available to passengers with a verified Emirates reserving where an Emirates ticket has formerly been issued and the flight journal formerly includes the asked time in Dubai. The journal into and out of Dubai should be on one ticket (PNR), and these breakouts must be Emirates breakouts.

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