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New Zealand: relocation and live

Flag of New Zealand

A land where you may snowboard and surf in one day, trek on a hill after relaxing in beautiful warm spring in the afternoon, or catch a ferry via a tunnel of city lights before spending the night in the mysterious region of Hobbiton.

You must have always thought of moving away from the boring town to the exciting land where you can enjoy all the beautiful scenes live. If yes, then New Zealand is the perfect place for you to relocate.

New Zealand immigration point system

The New Zealand Skilled Migrant Points System is intended to rate Interested parties in sequence for New Zealand Migration officials to provide offers to register for citizenship to those individuals who can contribute so much to the country.

Education, having relatives in New Zealand, job, occupation history, and skills are all factors. To submit a Proposal, you must achieve a required score of 100 points. Here is the list of a few characteristics and their points:

  • Age

Younger individuals (20-29) are given the highest scores, such as 30 marks. Age 30 to 39 are given 25 points, 40 to 44 are awarded 20 points, and 45 to 49 years old are given 15 points only. However, older people of age 50 or above are given the least marks (only 5) as they are considered old and cannot benefit much to the country.

  • Family

Having a family member in NZ can reward you with 10 points.

  • Working Experience

More working experience can increase your chances of high scores. For example, if you have almost ten years of job experience, you can easily obtain 30 marks. On the other hand, if you have only two years of experience in your field, you can only gain ten marks.

  • Employment

If you have a job offer in NZ, you can submit your evidence of job offer to gain 50 points. Suppose you are already working in a certain field for almost a year in New Zealand; that also makes you eligible for 50 points. However, you can gain further 10 points if you have worked for more than one year already.

buildings near body of water and mountains under clear blue sky and white clouds at daytime

Everything you need to know before moving

Here is the complete list of facts that you should know before moving to the country permanently.

  • Weather

Although New Zealand is near Australia’s warm and dry region, the climate there is rather distinct. Not just are the degrees milder than in Australia, but it is also feasible to experience “four seasons in a single day.” What this truly means is that the weather might be bright one minute and wet the other.

  • Summer

The UV rays from the summer sun in New Zealand are stronger than any other place on earth. The hot weather in New Zealand is intense – far more so than any other European country. You will be sunburned if you don’t use sunblock. Many native New Zealanders, some of whom are not particularly elderly, have sunburns. Shades and caps are highly recommended if you are planning to move to New Zealand.

  • Driving

If you have an English-language driver’s license from another country, you can keep driving in New Zealand for almost one year after arriving. After that, you must obtain a New Zealand driving permit.

To obtain a New Zealand driver’s license, visit an approved agent and give your foreign driver’s license. If your license is less than a year old and has an expiration time on it, you may have to give a duplicate of a previous driving license to show how long you’ve been riding yourself to receive a full NZ driver’s license immediately.

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