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UAE: things to know before the job

UAE - Dubai

In any case, the average wage level in the UAE is much higher than in other countries, which leads to a continuous flow of labor from abroad.

Where is the best place to look for work in the UAE?

Some foreigners end up in the Emirates due to transfer to an old job. Large companies continue to open their branches in the UAE, tempted by low taxes. To ensure them, employees of other departments are used, who rarely turn out to be against the prospect of working in sunny Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

On the other hand, business owners have to meet the requirements of the Emirates authorities regarding the employment of residents and citizens. The remaining places in the structure of the opened organization are drawn on a competitive basis between candidates, which may include foreigners.

Finding such vacancies is not difficult. The Internet is overflowing with sites that advertise from employers in the UAE. Most of them have existed for several years, and only cooperate with trusted persons, so the use of these resources eliminates the likelihood of fraud by 99%. Below are some search engines for job vacancies:

  • BAYT;
  • Expat Blog;
  • Gulf Talent;
  • Laimoon;
  • Learn 4 Good;
  • Monster Gulf.

These sites are in English and have the latest offers.

You can also start looking for work upon arrival in the Emirates. Most local newspapers and magazines are printed in English and contain information from employers. This method is partly safer because you can personally communicate with the employer and immediately draw up all the important papers (conclude a contract). Although, the search process can be significantly delayed, and go beyond the terms of your visa.

You can try to search for vacancies on the website of the companies and organizations you are interested in. They devote entire pages to interview details and employee requirements.

CV requirements for those looking for a job in the UAE

In the CV, a person indicates information about education, qualifications, previous work experience, skills that he considers to be his advantages.

A foreign employer may put forward certain requirements regarding your education, so a diploma from a domestic university is not always enough. However, if your university has the highest level of accreditation, its graduation documents may be international. It largely depends on the reputation of the university, including among foreign representatives.

Most companies consider resumes in both Arabic and English. In general, knowledge of the local dialect is not always necessary, but it can become your obvious advantage over other candidates. In certain areas, it is almost impossible to do without it (for example, it should be owned by service personnel in restaurants and cafes).

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Cover letter for those wishing to find a job in the UAE

Employers in the Emirates often require candidates to write a cover letter. This document is drawn up on 1-2 A4 sheets and must be drawn up as an official business letter.

In the beginning, you must indicate where exactly you learned about the vacancy. What follows is a text explaining your advantages in being appointed to a particular position. It is important here to focus on your skills and qualifications that meet the requirements of the vacancy. Show enthusiasm and commitment, and describe your interest in the position you are looking for and the benefits the employer will receive from working with you.

The letter should be written with references to the vacancy requirement. It is necessary to consider in detail all the conditions put forward, and explain how you are going to comply with them.

Interviews for candidates for a position in the United Arab Emirates

The interview format in different UAE companies may differ. They vary in duration, the number of stages, and the way they are carried out. In recent years, the remote interview format has become even more common, so the fact of your presence in the Emirates is not so important for this procedure.

An interview is an opportunity to personally introduce yourself to an employer, demonstrate your commitment and motivation, and prove that you are the ideal candidate. At this stage, your ability to win over the interlocutor is very important. Success does not always lie in beautiful speeches. In some situations, you need to be able to listen to what you are told. It shows your respect for them and the importance of what they are trying to convey.

During the interview, you will be asked questions regarding the information provided in your resume. It is a great chance to personally advertise yourself, backing up some facts with examples from work experience.

To fully prepare for the interview, you need to carefully study the data regarding the future place of work, your duties as an employee, as well as the scope of the employer’s company. It is very important to show the employer that you have a good understanding of what is required of you as an employee.

Some large international and local companies use separate recruitment centers. Such programs last for several days, during which the degree of preparedness of candidates is determined. Classes take place in the form of demonstrations of their presentations, group exercises, and written tests.

The fact of a successful interview does not always guarantee a job for a candidate. The employer can insist on an internship or probation period. Remember that the time of such events is limited by law, and the employer has the right not to pay you for only a short period (about 2 weeks). Further, you are entitled to at least the minimum bet.

Correct preparation and successful completion of all of the above procedures will ensure you get the work you like.

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