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Turkey: best cities to relocate

Flag of Turkey

The country has long been known for its tourism. A huge number of tourists from all over the world constantly come here. All thanks to the stunning nature, warm climate, and rich original culture. Many fell in love with Turkey so much that they moved here for permanent residence to buy housing and get a job. After all, it is not difficult to immigrate and obtain citizenship in this country. Also, the country has profitable investment programs and loyal conditions for business persons.

Relocation is always a serious step, for which it is necessary not only to thoroughly prepare but also to choose the right city where a person will feel comfortable.

Istanbul is one of the largest cities in Europe

The beautiful city is located in the northwest of Turkey, on the shores of the Bosphorus Strait, which connects the Black and Marmara Seas.

city buildings near body of water during daytime

Benefits of relocation to Istanbul:

  • One of the largest centers for business activity is open to international communications. It brings together entrepreneurs and investors in all spheres of the economy. Suitable for owners of large companies wishing to enter the international market by registering a business in the Istanbul FEZ. The city offers good prospects for real estate investors, as the tourist flow to this place does not stop all year round.
  • Istanbul is located on the Bosphorus Strait, which divides it into Asian and European parts. Here you can find old buildings and great sights, bordering on modern graffiti and youth nightlife. This combination of eras creates the illusion of a duality of times that meet in one place at one time.
  • A high level of education and medical care attracts students and retirees who are ready to move to Turkey for the sake of their bright future and calm old age.

Istanbul also remains the center of financial flows where private and commercial banks are ready to accept even non-residents; start-up entrepreneurs can get a loan at low interest rates.

Ankara is the heart of the Turkish Republic

Ankara is a huge administrative center and the capital of the state, where students, specialists, and business persons constantly come. The metropolis is located on the Anatolian plateau, about 900 meters above sea level.

city buildings under blue sky during daytime

Benefits of relocation to Ankara

  • Loyal taxes and good banking services for individuals and legal entities.
  • You can open your own business selling goods of your production, growing fruits and flowers, making souvenirs, services (cleaning, translation, delivery, etc.), or invest in finished and under construction projects in the country.
  • Large investors make good money in Ankara in construction, real estate services, real estate investments, and investing in the country’s industrial sector.
  • There is a lot to see here – the Kocatepe Mosque, many museums and parks, the Khizar Citadel, etc.

Small and medium-sized businesses prevail in the capital of Turkey, the registration of which will not be a problem for a foreigner and can even take place remotely.

The main sector of the economy belongs to metallurgical plants, mechanical engineering, and industrial enterprises. Financial and credit organizations in Ankara rank second after Istanbul and offer to open an account for international transfers, commercial and personal purposes.

Izmir is a metropolis for a dynamic life

It is the third-largest metropolis in the country and the second most important port. Izmir is developing rapidly, attracting a large number of young people, tourists, entrepreneurs, and those who wish to relocate. It has a unique Mediterranean atmosphere. The climate here is also the Mediterranean, with dry, hot summers, rainy, mild winters, rare frosts, and snow.

white and brown concrete building during nighttime

Benefits of relocation to Izmir:

  • The city is famous for its beaches located on the Aegean coast, not far from the center.
  • The infrastructure is aimed at ensuring that residents and guests never get bored. It hosts festivals, concerts, restaurants, and entertainment venues. Good transport structure, there is an airport, motorway, metro.
  • Izmir has a FEZ where you can start your own business, enter the European market, and start international trade.
  • The Izmir region is especially rich in honey production, and beekeeping is one of the most popular business areas among home entrepreneurs living in the suburban area.

For those who wish to obtain a residence permit in Izmir or apply for citizenship, you can think in advance about work and income. Registration of a company in this province will allow you to start your own business in any direction – tourism, agriculture, consulting, trade, restaurant business, etc. In the case of buying real estate, you can always profitably sell it later or rent it out during the tourist season, receiving a stable income.

Antalya is a colorful city on the coast

The metropolis is the capital of the famous resort region of the Turkish Riviera. Located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. It is a very beautiful city with a turquoise sea, golden beaches, and stunning ancient architecture.

people walking on road near body of water during daytime

Benefits of relocation to Antalya:

  • Registering a business, choosing a home, looking for a job, and starting a new path will not be stressful events, since the locals are very friendly, and due to the well-developed economy of the region, it will not be difficult to find a job or become a part of the business structure of Antalya.
  • There are FEZs and Technoparks (ZTR) in the region, where you can open a company and bring your business to the international market, having benefits in taxes and customs duties;
  • an international school in Antalya allows a family with children to move for permanent residence and educate them.
  • Developed infrastructure and a large selection of apartments in exchange for citizenship is a good chance to start a new life.
  • Some banks in the region are ready to give loans to foreigners, including mortgages for the purchase of housing.

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