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Israel: visa for students

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Multiple entry and exit are allowed on it. Does not give the right to work. For minors, when applying for a visa, written consent from both parents / legal guardians is required.

Types of Israel Study Visas

Israeli immigration authorities issue visas to foreign nationals for study in the following categories:

  • A / 2 – for students wishing to study at or enroll in schools, secondary and higher educational institutions (there will be a note “Not permitted to work” on the sticker in the passport);
  • B / 1 (working) – gives foreign citizens the right to work;
  • B / 2 (guest) – intended for students of language courses.

List of documents for a study visa to Israel

The following documents will be required from each applicant:

  • One copy of the visa application form.
  • Download the application form for a visa to Israel on our website.
  • Two photos.
  • Certificate from the university stating that the student was enrolled.
  • An extract from the individual bank account confirming the availability of funds to cover the costs of training and accommodation.
  • A document on the provision of a scholarship or grant.
  • International passport is valid for at least 6 months after the date of completion of your studies.
  • Round-trip flight confirmation (for visitor visas).
  • Check for payment of the consulate fee.
  • Medical insurance policy.
  • The amount to cover expenses is not less than € 30 thousand, which is equivalent to $ 50 thousand.
  • Consent to leave and stay of a minor abroad from both parents or other legal representatives, if the child is traveling.
  • General civil passport. If the applicant is not more than 14 years old – a birth certificate.

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Terms and cost of registration

Study visas are issued within 2 weeks. Case delays are rare. The amount of the consular fee for Russians for considering an application for an Israeli visa depends on its type. For guests, it is $ 23, and for workers and students – $ 46. Foreigners receiving A / 2 to participate in Jewish youth programs are completely exempt from fees. The appearance of an Israeli A / 2 Visa In case of cancellation of the trip, fees are non-refundable. Payment is made only in rubles.

The duration of the student visa and the possibility of its extension

The period of validity depends on the type of entry permit. Student visas are issued for a year, guest visas for a period of up to 3 months. Work visas are always valid for the period specified in the contract with the employer. All student visas are renewable. The legal stay can be extended up to a maximum of 5 years. But even after this period, the document can be extended.

A request for an extension of B / 2 is submitted to the Israeli Ministry of Internal Affairs, and for other categories of entry permits – to the Population Directorate. To extend a student visa, you need to prepare a standard set of documentation. It must be supplemented with a letter from the university, which will contain a corresponding request and a certificate of admission to the senior course. The state duty for the provided service is 175 ILS.

Extension of student visa

If the authorities refuse to renew the document, the foreign citizen is obliged to leave the country within 2 weeks from the receipt of the paper confirming this fact. 

Possible reasons for denying a student visa for Israel The Israeli consular service makes negative decisions only in 5% of cases. The most common reasons for refusal to enter the country:

  • Violation of the terms of stay in the state during previous trips.
  • The presence of stamps in the passport confirming entry to the Arab countries: UAE, Lebanon, Libya, Syria, Morocco, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia, Sudan, Iran.
  • Submission of forged documents.
  • Incorrect paperwork.
  • The employer inviting a foreigner does not have a license to carry out activities.
  • False or erroneous information in documents and visa application forms.
  • Suspicion of a citizen’s connection with terrorist organizations.
  • Insufficient financial guarantees.
  • Suspicion of the applicant in plans for illegal work.

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