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Immigration to Europe with family

  • Stability, safety, and comfort. The qualities of the political system, a strong economy, and a low crime rate;
  • High-quality medicine. The opportunity to be treated in European clinics equipped with the latest technology;
  • Access to good education.

When choosing where to move, remember that you are looking for a place where your family will spend a significant part of life. Therefore, it is important to take into account all interests and wishes and then narrow the search for a future home to the scale of a particular country. Moreover, in the West many interesting European countries are comfortable for living, working, business and self-development.

To help you make your choice, we have prepared a list of the best countries in our opinion for family immigration in 2021.


Austria is a federal republic located in the heart of Central Europe with one of the highest living standards in Europe. Austria has an excellent ecological environment, a high level of social protection and medicine, which makes it an excellent country for family immigration.

white concrete houses near mountain

Positive aspects of immigration to Austria

  • relatively cheap (at the same time, high-quality) education, recognized by European countries as prestigious;
  • ecologically safe state of cities, the presence of the cleanest lakes and ski resorts;
  • low crime rate;
  • the low unemployment rate, decent wages;
  • well-functioning health care system;
  • relatively low cost of food;
  • a stable economy combined with developed tourism and industrial sectors;
  • government support for small businesses.


For those with a desire to immigrate and live abroad, Germany is one of the first countries to be seen as a final target, both in terms of job opportunities and because it is one of the countries with a high-quality life.

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Positive aspects of immigration in Germany

Living in Germany has the following benefits for immigrants:

  • Political and economic stability;
  • Qualified foreign specialists receive high salaries;
  • Affordable medicine (for children, medical services are free);
  • High quality of higher education. Secondary education is provided free of charge;
  • The unemployed receive benefits from the state;
  • Developed and comfortable infrastructure for life;
  • High environmental standards.


Due to the high level of economic development, beautiful nature, and effective actions of the authorities, Switzerland regularly occupies leading positions in all kinds of ratings of the best countries to live in the world. Even though cities such as Geneva and Zurich are among the ten most expensive cities in the world, thousands of immigrants every year strive to move to Switzerland and stay in this country forever.

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Positive aspects of immigration in Switzerland

  • Switzerland is one of the richest countries in the world with a thriving economy and broad prospects for career growth or the development of your own Swiss company;
  • According to the authoritative London research institute Legatum Institute, Switzerland is one of the three countries with the best medicine in the world;
  • Ideal infrastructure and quality education system both in schools and in Swiss universities;
  • Switzerland is considered one of the most beautiful states on the planet with amazing architecture, lakes, mountains, and clean air;
  • Lots of outdoor activities including bike trails, hiking trails, and ski slopes;
  • Switzerland has a very low crime rate, and overall it is one of the safest countries in the world;
  • The convenient geographical location of Switzerland in the central part of Europe allows you to get to all European countries quite quickly and cheaply;
  • In Switzerland, much attention is paid to nutrition. The food is always fresh, healthy, and delicious;
  • Stable financial system and bank secrecy.

The Czech Republic

Czech is a country with a long history and tradition, which today is considered one of the most successful in Central Europe. The industrial sector of the economy is developing steadily in the state, and the incomes of the population are growing. The Czech Republic has always been popular as a choice for a new residence.

aerial photography of city under cloudy sky

Benefits of immigration to the Czech Republic

  • High Global Competitiveness Index;
  • High level of security;
  • Ecology. Despite a large number of vehicles and a fairly large-scale industrial production in the east of the country, the Czech Republic is recognized as one of the most environmentally friendly countries in Europe;
  • High level of medicine. High standards of healthcare, modern research centers, internationally recognized level of classical medical education, first-class training of doctors and competitive prices make Czech medicine one of the most demanded in the world;
  • Free higher education, which is available not only to citizens of the country but also to visiting students;
  • Small expenses. Prices in the Czech Republic are much lower than in neighboring countries, for example, in Germany or Austria.

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