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  • Tunisia: education system

    Tunisia: education system

    The educational system in Tunisia. Before the establishment of the French protectorate, teaching was carried out in Koranic schools. Since the end of the XIX century. French schools were also created. Before the declaration of independence (1956), education was at a low level.

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  • Tunisia: benefits and problems staying

    Tunisia: benefits and problems staying

    Pros and cons staying in Tunisia. If you love the East culture, want to see the famous Sahara, and immerse yourself in the colorful romance of North Africa – go to Tunisia, one of the most beautiful and interesting countries.

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  • Residence permit in Tunisia

    Residence permit in Tunisia

    Obtaining of residence permit in Tunisia. Life in Tunisia is very versatile. People come here to relax, study, work and live. The pleasant climate, favorable economic environment, and promising development prospects make the country attractive for immigration.

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