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  • How to find accommodation in London?

    How to find accommodation in London?

    Searching for housing in London often turns into a real full-time job: you can look for a dream apartment for rent for several weeks. Experienced Londoners know all these things themselves, and for those who are going to look for housing for the first time, ZIMA explains how to find your home and what pitfalls…

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  • London: hotel overview

    London: hotel overview

    London overview. London is the capital of the United Kingdom and is considered to be one of the world’s most influential cities as it is most desirable, most visited, most expensive, and many more titles that are added to this busy city.

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  • Job and Visa to London in 2021

    Job and Visa to London in 2021

    Find a job in London and a British visa in 2021. Many surveys of labor migrants from different countries and studies of authoritative agencies show that work in London in 2021, despite major political changes in the State Brexit, continues to be a great popular one and the dream of tens of thousands of foreigners.

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