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Job and Visa to London in 2021

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It is difficult to find a more dynamic and technologically advanced city in Western Europe, which offers a wide range of employment opportunities for foreign applicants in a wide variety of sectors of the economy with good career prospects. Moreover, a large number of entrepreneurs are successfully opening their own businesses in the UK and remain here forever.

Work in London for foreigners from around the world in 2021 is a great chance to test their professional skills, improve their well-being and move to an economically developed country with great history, ancient traditions, and multicultural landmarks. Some immigrants aim at obtaining British citizenship over time and many do.

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The high wages, social standards, and other benefits from living in the capital of the United Kingdom make the process of labor migration to London a rather complex event. Competition for jobs is very high. Also, the beginning of Britain’s exit from the EU and the migration crisis of recent years has been making it more difficult to find a vacancy in London.

A successful search for a vacancy in London in 2021 depends on a number of factors to be taken into account by each applicant from abroad. First, it is language skills. Work in London without language knowledge is almost inaccessible. At least legally.

English must be on an advanced level, as confirmed by the certificate. The possession of additional languages – Spanish, German, French – is only an advantage. Secondly, the experience, unique skills, and education of an alien are important. We can check the recognition of qualifications in the UK here.

The attractive sectors of the British economy, where jobs are available to foreigners are information technology, production, construction, education, medicine, tourism, services, financial, and banking sectors.

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Popular websites to search for jobs in England

GOV.UK, the British government portal provides not only exhaustive information related to work in England, but also provides a suitable vacancy. Once registration is made, it is possible to upload the summary and receive email notices.

  • is a universal resource that has been gathering information from thousands of sites every day and processing millions of offers in the labor market of England. The user doesn’t need to jump dozens of Internet portals to find a suitable vacancy. All packed in one place.
  • is one of the leading English employment sites. The resource has an estimated 90,000 vacancies from 4,500 companies. The welcome interface and usability are complemented by the possibility of uploading the application to a mobile phone.
  • is a credible job search portal not only in England but also throughout the world. In addition to the 85,000 vacancies published on the site, there is much useful information on the compilation of summaries, interviews, and many other things.
  • – resource has been working in the British Labour Market since 1995 and has been positioning itself as a UK Employment Web site No. 1. Up to 10,000 new jobs are added daily to the vacancy database.

Specialized resources to find jobs in England

  • IT specialists –,,
  • Hotel and restaurant workers –
  • A medical sphere is, health
  • Students are, student
  •, child

Basic requirements for work in England


For obtaining a visa to England, language knowledge you should have a minimum level B1 of the Pan-European Classification (CERF), as confirmed by the relevant certificate. Knowing the extra language — German, French, Spanish — will give an additional advantage in competition with local citizens.


Education and experience gained outside England may not meet the requirements of British labor legislation. A special NARIC service exists to verify the qualifications and employment opportunities. The Agency acts on behalf of the British Government. Here online, the qualifications and English language certification can be obtained. The document is officially recognized throughout British territory.

In order to be lawfully admitted to a foreign country outside the EU, the English employer must undergo a procedure known as the Resident Labour Market Test.

The main idea is to advertise an affordable job in the local labor market to confirm the lack of the required specialist among the local residents. The rules for the posting of advertising and the dates for the implementation of the British Ministry of Internal Affairs are set out. The standard term for a 28-day advertising campaign.

In addition, the English company must obtain a special license or a sponsor certificate to hire a foreign worker. It’s a sort of employer’s voucher for a high-qualified specialist. Each certificate has its number which is used by the employee to obtain a working visa.

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