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London: hotel overview


Otherwise, London is also one of the most known for its famous landmarks such as the London Eye, Big Ben, Hyde Park, Westminster, and Oxford street is known to be the best shopping region in the city.

London has a very rainy and gloomy climate like the rest of the United Kingdom. Overall London is a center of the United Kingdom and many tourists see the city and enjoy the culture right at the heart of the country. London is also very expensive therefore that accommodation at a low price is hard to find.

Best hotels in London

Hotels here are expensive yet luxurious and represent the cultural aspects and the architecture of the city long before we were born. Hotels mostly are made to give the experience of the early days of England and the class and the manners of the people living in that era usually is carried out in the hotels with design elements, restaurants, and other activities.

In the following paragraphs, there will be listed the best hotels to stay at in London and a description of their features of them.

aerial photography of London skyline during daytime

The Mandarin Oriental at Hyde Park

The Mandarin Oriental located at Hyde Park has experienced an almost 125 US dollar makeover in the year 2018, which means that the class and the inside interior must be breathtaking – and it sure is! The Mandarin Oriental hotels are spread all over the world and the London has one also. It offers to see the timeless treasure of the heritage of the city as well as delicious cuisine and a relaxing spa.

The suites offer large spaces, apartments can go to even the luxurious penthouses, which start from the price of 900 British pounds. The hotel is gorgeous on its own but it has many offers to enjoy, like family rooms, arriving late, and checking in with style as the doorman is still a popular profession in London.

Overall this hotel is considered to be one of the more expensive and luxurious ones in London. The stay there will definitely stay in memories as a high-quality experience and make London seem classier than ever.

Artist Residence

In the south of London is the famous Artist Residence that is located in a classy, high-ceiling room building that was previously a townhouse. The chic hotel has rainfall showers and fashionable rooms. The dinner in this hotel is located at the 64 Degrees restaurant that is serving many foods to enjoy. Overall this is an eye-candy hotel that is as overpriced as the rest but has the touch of modern elements of Instagram’s perfect set-ups and corners.

The prices for one night start at 180 EUR and without the offer, it can be even more expensive. This location is a perfect getaway for people who want to see the other side of classy London and experience the fashionable version of top-class hotels.

Browns hotel

Brown’s Hotel is located in Mayfair, London, and is a very luxurious hotel. The hotel is made in an English Victorian style and looks very expensive and the rooms are starting from 30 square meters. In this hotel, there is a great restaurant called Beck at Brown’s.

Overall this hotel is a perfect example of English chic and holds a lot of design and interior elements that are unique only in the United Kingdom. There is also a famous English Tea Room which is in the hotel and serves tea in a traditional English manner.

Gir Lion Lodge

London Zoo Lodges is a unique experience hotel that is located at the heart of London’s zoo. This is a completely different experience than in the luxurious hotels of London. Prices to stay in the lodges are starting from 300 British pounds, which is quite expensive.

The best time to stay at this location is when the wintertime is coming and the nights need to get warm and cozy. The lodges are a perfect getaway place as the hot cocoa or any warm drink will soothe the spirit when enjoying the night tour at the zoo and having delicious English meals.

Rosewood London

Rosewood hotel in London is yet another perfect, luxurious English accommodation that will surprise you with the timeless look of the courtyard and sophisticated crowd of visitors. This hotel is for the people who enjoy the finer things in life and like to live with class and style.

Overall the prices of one night stay at Rosewood hotel are starting from 500 British pounds which is quite a sum for a hotel in the city. Nevertheless, this hotel is a beautiful English masterpiece to enjoy.

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