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  • Travel: COVID-19 insurance

    Travel: COVID-19 insurance

    Travel insurance – Covid-19. In times of uncertainty, travel insurance is applicable, especially during Covid-19. You should not postpone its registration just because everything is complicated and incomprehensible there. Many countries have imposed travel restrictions or closed borders entirely.

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  • Tourism to Costa Rica in COVID time

    Tourism to Costa Rica in COVID time

    Travel to Costa Rica during COVID 19. Reviews on the Internet are an inexhaustible source of information for tourists. They often write about their experiences after visiting Costa Rica.

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  • Mexico: travel in COVID-19 time

    Mexico: travel in COVID-19 time

    Travel to Mexico during COVID 19. There are picturesque beaches on the coast of the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean, a wonderful climate, delicious food, many attractions, and affordable prices. Given the current travel restrictions, it is gratifying that Mexico’s borders remain open to visa-free travel and that a coronavirus test certificate is not required.

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