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Mexico: travel in COVID-19 time

Airplane - Mexico

The only thing you need to do is complete a small online health declaration before arriving in the country.

No COVID-19 test or quarantine is required to arrive in Mexico. A day before entering the country, you must fill out a health status questionnaire. As a result of filling out the questionnaire, receive a QR code and present it at passport control in Mexico.

In the case of transit through third countries, it is necessary to be guided by the regulations of the transit country. Transit through the EU countries is significantly limited. Transit via France, Austria, and some other EU countries is possible.

To take a PCR test for COVID-19 for a DEPARTURE from Mexico, you must inform the guide or the hotel reception, make an appointment in advance to call a doctor. The cost of the test depends on a particular hotel and ranges from 150 USD / person. The result is issued in 24-48 hours (possibly longer). You can also go to the nearest clinic.

Visa and customs

For some countries, it is possible to obtain an electronic Mexican visa. To do this, you need to fill out a special form on the website of the National Institute for Migration and receive a document with a unique code, which must be printed and provided to the airline when buying a ticket for a flight to Mexico. You will not be asked for medical insurance when crossing the border, but you shouldn’t fly to the country without it.

Import of foreign currency is not limited (declaration is required), import and export of national currency – no more than 200 euros. When entering Mexico, you must fill out a customs declaration, which lists all valuable items imported into the country. For personal use, you can bring in no more than 400 cigarettes or 25 cigars, or 200 g of tobacco, 3 liters of spirits or wine, one video camera, one camera, gifts worth not more than 300 USD.

Medicines must be accompanied by a medical record or prescriptions confirming the need for their use. Pets need an international veterinary certificate, issued a maximum of 5 days before arrival in Mexico, cats, and dogs – also documents on rabies vaccination.

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Required documents to go to Mexico

1. Valid registration

It means that your passport must be valid at the moment you enter the country. Mexico does not require that your passport be actual for the entire period of your stay in the country. However, most airlines require an identification card when buying a ticket.

2. Visa

At the moment of crossing the border of Mexico, you must be one of the following documents:

– Visa of Mexico, obtained in one of the institutions of the country for free;


– Electronic permission to enter the country for Turkish purposes. It is available only for the citizens of Ukraine, Russia, and Turkey. Please note that by electrically allowing you to travel to Mexico exclusively by air;


– Valid visa of Canada, USA, Japan, Belgium, or any of the states included in the Schengen zone. Law does not specify the requirements for such a visa (that is, it must be valid at the moment of entry into Mexico and is not necessary. But in fact, you may be allowed to stay in Mexico for not 180 days, but less if the period of validity of the visa expires earlier;


– A document confirming a permanent place of residence in Canada, the USA, Japan, Belgium, or any of the states included in the city of Schengen or any other.

The following documents may ask you to declare a choice. Their lack may serve as a legitimate reason for sending you back to the country. The final decision is always for the immigration officer.

3. Confirmation of the purpose of the visit to Mexico. They can be:

  • Typical tourist, a brothel of a hotel, a map of the self-travel around the country, etc. for tours;
  • Requesting a business partner, copies of contacts, inviting a business partner, etc. for travelers coming to Mexico for work;
  • Invitation from Mexican parents or acquaintances for private visits; if in the letter there is a guarantee of covering the occupants for living and transporting utilities, the confirmation of the payment (see below) is not necessary;
  • A letter invitation from a Mexican school of educational courses, research scientists for up to 180 people.

You can presuppose everything that you are considering your plan of stay in Mexico, or you need to explain why you do not need it. For example, you are visiting a friend and will live in her house; here is the name of the friend, and here is her address.

4. Proof of payment

Personal, travel checks, bank cards, etc. Tour check is also proof of your payment, as it covers your main expenses. Also, it is necessary to have enough money for the first time of living.

It will also be useful (but not obligatory) to have help from a bank or an extract from a bank account and assistance from the place of work, all in English.

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