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Study in New York. Business Schools in New York.

American business education is one of the best in the world. Graduates of colleges and schools easily find work in the areas of management, business, and their various types. Students choose the States to study in business schools because this country is considered the center of the latest ideas and technologies in business, management, and management.

There are more than a hundred colleges and universities in New York, each educational institution has its face, achievements in one area or another. The Rockefeller University is famous for its medical research. New York University is known for its alumni: several dozen future famous actors and directors have emerged from its walls: Woody Allen, Martin Scorsese, Whoopi Goldberg, Angelina Jolie. At Columbia University, the well-known Pulitzer Prize is awarded. Berkeley College is renowned for its business education. Besides, thousands of people from different countries choose New York to study English – local colleges, schools, and universities offer hundreds of different English programs.

NYU Stern

New York University Stern School of Business (NYU Stern) was founded in 1900 and is currently the best business school in New York. Originally known as the School of Commerce, Finance, and Accounting, it offered students training in trading in the nascent New York financial market. In 1988 it was renamed and named after Leonard Stern, alumnus and patron of the school. Today it is located in the heart of Greenwich Village (a residential area in New York, in the west of Lower Manhattan) with a campus in Westchester. NYU Stern is one of the best schools and research centers with an extensive list of academic programs (both undergraduate and graduate).

This school believes in the enormous potential of people to solve global problems through business. Based on this belief, their vision is to develop people and ideas that turn 21st-century challenges into opportunities to create value for business and society.

Education in Possible is a promise to provide a unique education that combines rigor in the classroom with participation outside of the classroom to broaden perspectives and change mindsets. NYU Stern encourages destructive thinking and encourages experimentation to create value. NYU Stern delivers on its promise through four core values: Academic Excellence, IQ + EQ, Shared Community, and Global Center Energy.

CUNY Zicklin School of Business

Admission of students to Zicklin Business School is dependent on students who meet certain eligibility requirements. An application is not required for admission to the school, however, to be accepted for admission, students must have a prospective Zeklin (Major) plan on their CUNYfirst account. Find out more about the admission procedures and eligibility requirements below.

Application process

No app required. Students who fulfill the requirements below will be considered for admission after all semester classes have been included.

An exception:

Students whose smallest calculus (Transferred or AP Credit) is MTH 3010 or higher must be sent to the Undergraduate Admissions Office at VC 13-240 to be manually entered into Zicklin.

CUNY first Admission Requirement

To be considered for admission, students must have a prospective Zeklin (Major) plan on their CUNYfirst account. Students can check their CUNYfirst Student Center (click on the My Scholars link) to see if their plan (major) is correct.

Students who have “Undeclared” as their plan or have a planned plan at Weissman School of Public Affairs School but wish to enter Zicklin should contact the Secretary’s Office to change their plan (Major). Students can complete the requested master form and submit the completed form to the Registrar’s Office.

Students who have been officially admitted to the Weissman School or School of Public Affairs must first visit the Dean’s office to issue their Officially Accepted Service Indicator, and the student group is inactivated from CUNYfirst, and then submitted their intended primary form to change their plan in the Secretariat.

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