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New York: destination for immigration

Someone just to walk the streets of the famous international city, and someone, being an ambitious dreamer, to realize their plans.

New York charges with incredible energy for creativity, development, and creation. This city is for everyone and everyone: it is inhabited by people who come here from all over the world. 170 languages ​​are spoken in the city, but, of course, the most widespread is English.

New York is made up of different neighborhoods, and each neighborhood was created by generations of immigrants, so the life of New Yorkers in each separate neighborhood is different, but everyone is equally involved in a single vortex of life. This city is completely devoid of any prejudice: a person from any corner of the world can come to New York and become a true New Yorker.

New York has the largest number of skyscrapers in the world. The tallest building in New York is the 104-story World Trade Center skyscraper, built in May 2013. Its height is 417 m on the roof and 541 m with a spire. The building is located near the site where the twin towers used to stand.

Central Park in New York is, without exaggeration, considered the most famous park in the world. It is larger than the principality of Monaco, with an area of ​​843 acres (337 hectares). This most beautiful of the oases was created by people and for people of any income. In the warmer months, you can ride here on the Jacqueline Kennedy Lake or cycle, visit the zoo. In winter, a skating rink opens in the park. Various events take place throughout the year. But why is it worth going to New York? Here are some more reasons to visit the city of the big apple for those who still wonder if it’s worth it.

Reason # 1: the size of the city

You should go to New York at least to then tell all your friends and acquaintances about your journey to the largest city and cultural center of the world, and to feel its frantic rhythm on your skin. Big cities have a special mood and energy that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Reason # 2: shopping

New York is famous for its shops and malls. Manhattan Mall, Macy’s, Daffy’s, 5th Avenue boutiques are just a shortlist of favorite shopping spots for indigenous New Yorkers and tourists alike. And at constant, year-round sales, many lucky ones manage to buy branded things for ridiculous money. Therefore, for those whose hobby is shopping, it is simply unforgivable not to visit New York.

Reason # 3: Brooklyn Bridge

It is one of the oldest and largest bridges in the entire world. It is depicted by artists on their canvases, it is photographed, crowds of tourists come to it to see all of Manhattan. The Brooklyn Bridge is as much a symbol of New York as the Statue of Liberty or the Empire State Building. And those who were not lucky enough to stroll along the boardwalk and look at the beauty of Manhattan have lost a lot.

city skyline during night time

Reason # 4: Broadway musicals

The central street of the city, called Broadway, is famous not only for a huge number of shops and street musicians but also for the fact that it is on Broadway that the world-famous theaters are located. The most famous musicals, the names of which are on everyone’s lips, are staged here. Ticket lines can be seen long before the premiere, so those who want to see one of the Broadway musicals with their own eyes shouldn’t hesitate too long. And do not rely on a cheap ticket: going to a Broadway show is an expensive pleasure.

Reason # 5: Metropolitan Art Museum

There are many museums in New York. Most of them are located in Manhattan and span several blocks. This area near Central Park is called the Museum Mile. Each of the museums has its unique huge collection of exhibits, but it is the art museum that deserves special attention. As the largest museum in the United States, it has amassed collections from all over the world. Here you can see both Egyptian ruins and modern paintings. You can admire the beautiful works of Renaissance artists or plunge into the atmosphere of Ancient Greece. For those who want to feel the history of the continents, this is the best place.

In addition to the above reasons, there is a huge variety of them. And every person who has visited New York can name their own. But whatever they are, the only conclusion can be drawn: New York is worth visiting.

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