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Moving to the United States of America

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For example, in the U.S.A. sales tax is usually not calculated in price, but shown next to product price on the tag and in some cases just added to end sum when paying for the price. All of the states have many culturally, law and tax differences.

Just by moving to one state won’t give an understanding about other states in the U.S.A. As a person interested in moving to United States of America, important thing to know is that healthcare is not free as in some European countries. There are some very important details regarding move to the U.S.A., like, checking that your passport is not even near the expiration date, drivers license should be up to date as well as visa with the understanding of entrance terms. Personal documents are going to be needed if person is planning to move, like birth certificate, academic certificate, insurance, bank statements, and shipping documents.

Upon arrival the following documents will be checked – Social Security Card, driver’s license, American bank accounts, credit history, health insurance policy, pension plan and accommodation details.

Immigration documents required to move to the U.S.A.

Immigrating to the United States requires taking many steps to complete. To immigrate to the United States of America there are many types of immigrant visas and to form them many documents and forms.

To apply for an immigrant visa foreigner citizen has to be sponsored by United States citizen’s relatives, lawful and permanent resident of the country or prospective employer. Immigration process starts with petition filling with United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. After petition is approved, it is time to start National Visa Center processing period where the formation of a visa begins. First there has to be a clear decision on what type of visa there will be formed.

The United States offers following types of visas – family-based visa, Intercountry adoption visa, employment based visas, Investor visas, special immigrant visas, like Iraqi or Afghan translator/interpreter visa and other. To make everything easier there is an option to submit all forms and documents in electronic form in Consular Electronic Application center. To continue immigrant must choose the agent that will further help with immigration process and after agent is fount, there are some fees to be paid, like Immigrant Visa Application Processing Fee and Affidavit of Support Fee. Documents for submitting to National Visa center are Visa application form, financial documents, support documents. At the end immigrant is invited to an interview to National Visa center to examine the immigrants documents and situation overall.

Types of visas in the U.S.A.

There are many types of visas in the U.S.A. and to move or travel there must be a clear understanding which visa to get. A type visa is meant to be for diplomats and foreign government official personas.

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B type visas split into B-1 that is a business visitor visa, B-2 that is for tourism and visitors that have medical treatments on American soil and BCC that is Mexican Border crossing card.

C type visa is for transit in United States and D type is for aircraft staff members. There are many E type visas, for example E-3 that is Australian professional visa, and two F type visas, for example F-1 for language students. G1-G5 or NATO visa is for NATO employees and H type visas for workers, professionals.

I type is for international information media representatives traveling to United States and J type is for au-pairs and children and spouses. K-1 visa is well known as a fiance visa, and M type visa is for students, P type is for entertainers, Q is for international students, R is for religious workers and T-1 and U type is for crime and other victims.

Studying and getting a job in the U.S.A.

Moving to the United States for a student could be an amazing opportunity; therefore some aspects should be taken in account when moving for studies to the U.S.A. Many interested youngsters often do not understand the complexity for applying for studies as it is a complicated procedure to begin with.

Application process to study in United States is about 18 months long. To apply for university or a college there must be a completed test that is regulated in United States. The tests are SAT, ACT, GRE, MCAT, LSAT, TOEFL and IELTS. There is also a need for credential evaluation which is the procedure that original school to verify the authenticity for documents.

Getting a job is also not that easy, because before applying all documents must be checked, verified, etc. Standard procedure for applying is searching for job in the area of accommodation, applying by cover letter and CV and going to interviews. In case the traveling to the U.S.A. is only to work than a great opportunity is getting work visa assigned from National Visa Center.

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