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Travelling to Israel – attraction

Flag of Israel

It is very difficult to compile an accurate list of must-see places because it is often a matter of personal taste: if you are on a religious pilgrimage, then you should focus on Jerusalem and the Galilee area; if you are interested in scuba diving, then you will find your piece of paradise in Eilat; and if you are attracted by the most modern nightlife, then you should stay longer in Tel Aviv.

This route includes the main attractions of the country, and you can adjust it according to your wishes, stay a little longer in one place and skip another if it seems less attractive to you.


golden dome

Ben Gurion Airport is known for its proximity to Tel Aviv, but in fact, it is located on Highway 1, connecting Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, the distance to the capital is only 54 kilometers. So, having arrived in Israel, it will not be difficult for you to get to its capital.

Jerusalem is an amazing and difficult city, it is built on several hills, Orthodox and secular Jews, Christians and Muslims live here. It is a low-rise city that occupies a fairly large area. All buildings, even the most modern ones, are faced with a special rusticated stone, which gives Jerusalem its unique look. The old town, with massive walls and a maze of streets, tops the list of must-see attractions. Do not forget to visit such famous places as the Western Wall and its tunnels, the Tower of David, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, and many others.

Besides, during a visit to Jerusalem, it is worth stopping by Yad Vashem, a museum and memorial to the victims of the Holocaust; The Israel Museum, which houses an exceptional collection of ancient artifacts, Judaica, Israeli and world art; and visit the colorful bazaar of Mahane Yehuda, with its many stalls bursting with oriental delicacies and the most fashionable restaurants. ”

From Jerusalem to the Dead Sea

person in white surfing board on sea during daytime

The serpentine road is part of your adventure, besides, the difference in elevation between Jerusalem and the Dead Sea is almost a kilometer (the Dead Sea is at a depth of 427 m below sea level). Eventually, you enter highway 90 along the coastline and there are some good beaches along the way. This is your chance to plunge into the saltiest sea and see if it is impossible to drown here.

Arid desert, mesmerizing views, medicinal black mud, and endless tranquility make the Dead Sea a unique holiday destination. You can stay in one of the larger hotels overlooking the beach, choose a guesthouse for the night in one of the kibbutzim, or pitch a tent at a camping site. There is practically no nightlife, restaurants, shopping centers, or other entertainment, but you can spend an amazing night in the desert and forget about all the problems for a while.

Be sure to visit the Massada fortress, it was built by King Herod on the top of the mountain, since ancient times it has served as a symbol of the invincibility of the human spirit (you can get up by the funicular, and go down on foot, along the “snake path”), a breathtaking view of the desert and the Dead opens from the fortress the sea.

Eilat or Tel Aviv

You now have two options: head south to Eilat on Route 90, or head north on Route 31 and then exit onto the highway that will take you to Tel Aviv.

If you like diving and you like desert landscapes, then head south through the Arava Valley. The country’s southernmost city, Eilat, has many hotels, restaurants, bars, and tourist attractions, but its most striking feature is the Red Sea, with its richest flora and fauna. The coral reefs of the Red Sea are some of the most beautiful and colorful on the planet. , and Eilat provides an excellent opportunity to look into this magical world.

Coral Beach Nature Reserve, located in the southern part of the city, has one of the most beautiful reefs, with many colorful corals and fish. Here is a list of a few other great diving spots: the Caves, the Eel Garden, Satil (sunken rocket boat), the university, and more. You can also swim and dive with dolphins at Dolphin Reef.

Even if you decide to visit Eilat for a couple of days, you still have to visit Tel Aviv. The brightest and most optimistic city in Israel. Tel Aviv never sleeps. There is a great variety of cafes, bars, restaurants, streets are full of people day and night.

One of the city’s main attractions is the chain of sandy beaches that run from the northern districts of Tel Aviv to Jaffa in the south. The long promenade is great for walking and cycling. One must-see is the Neve Tzedek area, the first Jewish quarter to be built outside of Old Jaffa. Today, its narrow alleys are filled with quaint stone houses, galleries, boutiques, cafes, and restaurants.


This flourishing and fertile region is located in the north of Israel. Here you will find everything you need for outdoor activities: high mountains (the highest in Israel), dense forests, streams, and springs, the opportunity to watch migratory birds or go rafting on the Jordan River. To get to the most remote corners of Galilee, we highly recommend renting a car. Some of the must-see spots are Rosh HaNikra and the beaches of the Western Galilee (Betsey and Achziv), the Artists ‘Quarter in Safed, the ancient village of Rosh Pina, Lake Hula Park (bird watchers’ paradise), the Tanur Waterfall near Metula and the natural Tel Dan nature reserve.

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