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Slovakia: living as an expat

Flag of Slovakia

Slovakia is a country that seems to have been specially created for immigration. The advantages of the European state, favorable living conditions for all social groups are attractive factors. So migrants from different countries are in a hurry to go to Slovak land with the hope of finding a new life. What do migrants really see when they find themselves in Slovakia?

Features of the Slovak mentality and way of life

Everyone who has ever visited Slovakia notes that national traditions are very much respected in the country, they cherish the memory of folk art, handicraft arts, love national cuisine, and worship architecture.

National dances in Slovakia are an integral part of any holiday

We should also note the love of Slovaks for musical culture. Music, songs, and dances are a pronounced national flavor. Moreover, all kinds of music and dance events are held with the massive use of national costumes.

Slovaks have always been active in agriculture. This tradition continues to this day. Cattle breeding, agriculture, tanning, woodworking, weaving are widespread crafts. Also, a popular direction in Slovakia is the manufacture of ceramic and earthenware products.

In general, the peculiarities of the Slovak mentality are very interesting and original. However, modern European values ​​are gradually nullifying the traditional Slovak way of life. The changes are especially noticeable in large cities such as Bratislava, Kosice.

green trees covered mountains

Slovakia and immigrants

Slovakia is located in the central part of Europe, so it is very convenient to make tours in Europe from there. The unitary state, covering almost 50 thousand square kilometers of Central Europe, is increasingly becoming the target of immigrants from different countries.

The Slovak authorities are loyal to migrants. Moreover, Slovakia is one of the countries of the European Union with the least barriers for immigrants. For example, formalities such as obtaining a visa or obtaining a residence permit for immigrants to Slovakia are much easier and easier than in other states. Besides, there is no rule traditionally established for other countries for staying on the territory of the country for at least 180 days, which is necessary for execution to register a permanent residence in the future.

The absence of a requirement for a compulsory stay of 180 days a year in the territory of Slovakia makes it possible for holders of Slovak residence permit ID-cards to reside in almost any Schengen country.

Social support for migrants in Slovakia is carried out by the Office of Labor and Social Protection. It is here that all foreigners can apply for social assistance and support. Slovak legislation provides for the provision of social benefits on equal terms to both citizens of the country and migrants. The same service assists immigrants in employment.

Adaptation of migrants

Regardless of the country, it would be unfair to call the life of a migrant easy. It’s another matter when difficulties are easier to overcome with money, professional experience, and skill. It is much easier to adapt if you have a good education, a rich stock of knowledge, including in foreign languages.

Here is one of the migrant settlers who possessed such an inheritance, that practically without any problems got a job in Slovakia. Many people note that the adaptation time is significantly reduced when a person can adapt to any conditions, quickly finds friends, and makes acquaintances.

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