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Switzerland: about the schools

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The peculiarity of the country is that three state languages ​​are accepted here at once, and the authorities of various subjects of the state prepare for the quality of study and plans for the presentation of material to students, there is no single ministry on these issues. Most children experience linguistic diversity from an early age and receive education in multiple languages.

Switzerland’s secondary education levels

Secondary education in Switzerland is based on a three-stage program, similar to the domestic program. The first two stages are compulsory courses, while the third one is optional.

The compulsory education course lasts 9 years. In elementary school from the age of 6, they study for 9 years. The main emphasis in the educational course is placed on the identification of children’s abilities in various disciplines, as well as an in-depth study of the state languages. The secondary level from 12 to 15 years in different schools differs in the program of courses. Different departments focus on their own unique disciplinary set and are distinguished by the prevailing language of obtaining knowledge.

At the end of the secondary level, those who are going to enter institutes and universities go to the last higher stage of schooling. Others are offered admission to a polytechnic school without an entrance exam, according to the points in the certificate.

Educational programs in Switzerland are represented by the following list:

  • Matura – Swiss program;
  • Abitur – German training program;
  • Baccalaureat – French course;
  • Maturita – Italian high school;
  • Anglo-American Program;
  • Universal International Baccalaureate (IB) Secondary School in Switzerland


Almost all private schools in Switzerland gladly accept children of immigrants. Moreover, some general education institutions even prepare schoolchildren, offering parents paid classes with school teachers to develop the child’s spoken, French and German. Under certain conditions, these include merits in various disciplines of senior and secondary schoolchildren, a child can be taken to school without the knowledge of languages.


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How to get to schools in Switzerland?

For a boarding school in Switzerland to accept a child, parents must go through the standard European procedure for confirmation and submission of documents before the start of the next school year. For admission to the first grade, the following package of documents is enough, necessarily translated and certified by the local governing bodies or the consulate of the country:

  • Birth certificate;
  • Medical certificate;
  • Help from a preschool institution;
  • Confirmation of the child’s residence in the country.
  • Additionally, they may require at least a basic knowledge of the language, although the same Tacis school in Switzerland itself prepares students, including those who have not previously spoken any of the state languages.


For admission not from the first grade, you additionally need to submit a certificate of attended courses and an extract from your file from the previous place of study.

Tuition fees for schools in Switzerland

For citizens of the country, basic secondary education in public schools is completely free. Private schools independently regulate the cost of studying certain disciplines by children. On average, a well-known Rosenberg school (Switzerland) charges parents 300 euros per year of a child’s education. For this country, the amount is insignificant, but in comparison with most secondary schools in Europe, the price tag is considered high. In boarding houses, an additional item of expenditure is the payment of accommodation and meals for the student.

TOP 14 best schools in Switzerland for 2021:

  1. College Du Leman
  2. St Georges School Montreux
  3. Institut Monte Rosa
  4. Hochalpines Institut Ftan AG High Alpine
  5. Saint-Charles Collège et Lycée
  6. Leysin American School
  7. Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz
  8. Aiglon College Switzerland
  9. Institut Le Rosey
  10. 1Institut Montana Zugerberg
  11. Champittet College
  12. Brillantmont School
  13. Surval Montreux
  14. Ecole Pre Fleuri

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