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Samoa: immigration guide

Flag of Samoa

Samoa got its independence from New Zealand in 1962, and since then Apia remains the capital city of the country. Samoa has two official languages, English and Samoa.


Economy of Samoa

The Samoan economy is mostly dependent on the agricultural produce of the land. Out of the two islands the bigger, less developed, and less populated is the Savai’i Island, whereas the Upolu is developed and hosts the country’s capital. As of the most recent census, the total population stands at 195, 743.

Samoa is a hidden paradise of pristine beaches and welcoming folk visited by travelers looking for isolation and natural untainted beauty. The travel business was sadly badly affected by the near-total devastation of the Tsunami. However, Samoa is quickly gaining popularity back with tourists around the world.


Visas & work permits

In order to apply for a work permit for Samoa, the applicant must have secured employment in the country. Once the job has been secured, the applicant has to fill up the prescribed form along with essential documents.


Required documents for work visa and permit

The application for a work permit must be annexed with the below-mentioned documents:

  1. Employment reference
  2. Valid passport (not older than 5 years and minimum six months expiry remaining)
  3. Academic details (certifications, degrees, training, etc.)
  4. Financial goodness (proof of stable financial sources for funding to maintain a decent livelihood)
  5. Two to four passport-sized photographs (recent, ideally not older than a month)
  6. Terms and conditions of the employment, including contract duration and start and end dates.
  7. Paid-up fee challan.


It is noteworthy, that in case the applicant plans to stay in Samoa for more than a year, he/she needs to fill out a medical report and radiology forms.


Student Visa

For aspirants planning to study in Samoa, obtaining a temporary resident permit is mandatory. But even before applying for the permit, one must secure admission to an educational institute for certification, degree program, etc.

As the admission is granted, the student may then fill out the application for a permit and post it to the Immigration Department in Apia.

The requirements for a student visa are as under:

  1. Application
  2. Acceptance letter from the institute
  3. Proof of enrolment (paid fees challan etc.)
  4. In the case of a scholarship, complete details are to be submitted
  5. Proof of accommodation arrangements
  6. Valid passport (as explained under requirements previously)
  7. Police clearance or character certificate
  8. Paid-up fee challan


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Other forms of long term/temporary residency

Apart from the two procedures of a long stay in Samoa, other ways in which a person can move to the country are.


Business purpose visa

For investors who either want to expand into Samoa or invest afresh in the country.


Academic Visa

For researchers and specialists in their fields, Samoa offers long stay temporary residency visas. However, the aspirant may have to undergo detailed verification for illegibility.


Cultural and religious purposes

Monks, priests, pandits, etc. people who are at the top of a religious sect or influencing people who wish to learn and spread the Samoan culture may apply for this visa, as the state encourages such.


Family reunion

A spouse whose partner is a Samoan national, or a child whose parents are nationals is deemed illegible for this visa.


Education & Healthcare in Samoa

The literacy rate in Samoa is 98%, which states a lot about the country’s education system. Primary education is provided to all citizens by the state which operates through five religious missions, all following the same syllabus.

International schools also operate in the country which is as:

  • Marist Brother’s School, Mulivai
  • Saint Mary’s School, Svalalo
  • Peace Chapel School, Vaimea
  • Apia Baptist School, Aai o Niue
  • Seventh-day Adventist School, Lalovaea

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