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Serbia: cheapest universities

Flag of Serbia

Different influences and diverse nature have created a country whose guests can enjoy the richness and diversity of traditions and the beauty of nature, even if they are only visiting for a few days.

The higher education system in Serbia complies with European standards and therefore has a very high quality. The bachelor’s and master’s degrees received in this country are recognized all over the world, so it will be easy for graduates of Serbian universities to find a good and well-paid jobs. Therefore, the country annually attracts a huge number of foreign students.

Cheapest Serbian Universities for Foreigners

The main advantage of studying in Serbia is the relatively low prices for training, while the quality of education remains high. In this article, we have prepared a list of the five cheapest universities in Serbia.

University of Prishtina

Language of study: Serbian and Albanian

Estimated tuition fee: $ 200- $ 1000 per semester

University of Prishtina is a public higher education institution in Serbia. It was founded in 1970 and is among the top ten universities in Serbia.

To be admitted to the university, the student must provide information on the results of the exams. As in many universities in Serbia, the academic year consists of two semesters. Studying for foreigners at the University of Prishtina is inexpensive. For more accurate tuition fees and entrance requirements, go to the official website ( of the educational institution.

University of Kragujevac 

Language of study: Serbian and English 

Estimated tuition fee: $ 1000- $ 3000 per semester 

The University of Kragujevac is a public higher education institution in Serbia. The University of Kragujevac was established in 1976. The institution is considered one of the best universities in Serbia, included in the Top 5 best universities in the national ranking.

Every year at the University of Kragujevac, about 14,000 people take the course. At the university, academic activities are conducted by about 900 teachers of the highest category. Also, the university provides excellent conditions for students. They have at their disposal a large research library, dormitory space, and comfortable sports grounds on the campus. Also, the university itself is famous all over the world due to its entry into such an authoritative scientific group as the European University Association (EUA).

University of Belgrade

Languages ​​of studying: English and Serbian

Estimated tuition fee: $ 1000 – $ 5500 per semester

The University of Belgrade is a public higher education institution in Serbia. The beginning of the university academic activity was laid in 1808. The campus of the institution is of urban type and is located in the vicinity of Belgrade. According to the national ranking, the University of Belgrade is the best in Serbia. Moreover, the university is in the top 5% of the most famous and prestigious educational institutions on the planet.

The University of Belgrade is an educational institution that is very large. Up to 96,000 students study at BG at the same time. Applications for admission are accepted not only by Serbian citizens but also by foreigners. It once again confirms the prestige of the University of Belgrade. The number of full-time teachers helping young people to replenish their knowledge reaches 3,000 specialists.

International exchange of students is carried out with the help of a big number of foreign partner universities. All existing opportunities on this issue can be found in social networks related to the educational institution.

The acquisition of high-quality knowledge at the university is complemented by the use of modern scientific literature and periodicals from the library of the university by students.

University of Novi Sad

Language of studying: Serbian

Estimated tuition fee: $ 2000 – $ 6000 per semester

The University of Novi Sad is a public higher education institution in Serbia. Teaching at the University of Novi Sad began in 1960. The University of Novi Sad is on the 2nd line of the national rating of Serbia. The university regularly takes top positions, entering the top 5% of the best in academic rankings around the world.

The institute is large because the number of students reaches 45 thousand. The selection committee accepts applications from citizens of their country and foreigners, and in each case, competition is necessarily held on the same conditions. The number of teachers is 4 thousand. Students successfully master educational material and participate in exchange projects.

The university is a member of numerous associations, thanks to which it deserves a good reputation and meets the expectations of most students.

University of Nis

Language of study: Serbian and English

Estimated tuition fee: $ 6000 per semester

The University of Nis is a public higher education institution in Serbia. It was established in 1965. The main building of the educational institution is located in Nisa. This university is one of the best universities in Serbia, included in the Top 5 best universities in the national ranking.

The University of Nis can be considered a large educational institution with over 29 thousand students. The admissions office of the university accepts applications from both local and foreign citizens. The academic staff of the university includes 2000 teachers. When studying at the university, students have the opportunity to take part in student exchange programs.

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