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Hawaii: travel and Covid rules

That is why there is a high level of security, natural beauty is carefully protected and the most comfortable infrastructure for vacationers. All tourists will get acquainted with the amazing beauty of the islands. You can also visit the theater, and museum for a change and enjoy the amazingly vibrant heritage of local residents.

The main tourist state of the United States – the Hawaiian Islands (in the world simply Aloha) – for many remains a pipe dream. This piece of paradise is more accessible than most travelers think. And those who get here will be rewarded with fantastic sunrises on colorful beaches, the brightest rainbow in the world, an amazingly diverse fauna, very active volcanoes, and an endless ocean that can be explored even on a surf or on a submarine.

Official State Requirements for Entry

Anyone arriving in Maui (Maui, Lanai, Molokai) must download the AlohaSafe Alert app to their smartphone. It is made for tracking users and warning tourists if they get too close to people with a confirmed virus.

All travelers over 18 years old will need to show it to airport specialists or police officers. The program will notify the user if it turns out that the citizen who contacted him/her has contracted the coronavirus and can track the phones of other people nearby and record the duration of the communication

If the examination announces for COVID-19 and gets a concrete result, he/she will report the application. And it will anonymously warn other users about a potential virus. 

It is considered dangerous to be within 15 minutes at a distance of fewer than two meters from a sick citizen. The application does not track the user’s location and does not transmit information to the authorities.

Those entering the Hawaii islands must have:

  • Nucleic Acid Amplification Test for COVID-19. It needs to be taken within 72 hours of the flight to the islands. Children under 5 years of age do not need the test. Without test results, a 10-day quarantine is required (at your own expense). Each island is free to introduce its requirements.
  • Fill out a “State of Hawaii Safe Travels” form and sign an agreement with the conditions of stay on the islands.
  • Upload the test result into it and wait for a response with confirmation of the possibility of entry and a QR code, which is necessary for passing control at the airport.


Cross-island travel also requires a negative Nucleic Acid Amplification Test (NAAT) for COVID-19, taken within 72 hours of arrival on each island in a CLIA-certified laboratory & the FDA-approved test.

aerial view of green and brown mountains and lake

Most iconic landmarks

If you visit Hawaii, then do not spend all your vacation time on a blissful beach holiday. There are many beautiful islands which are worth seeing. For example, there are a lot of volcanoes – every island is a volcano. The most famous of these is Diamond Head on Oahu.

Of considerable interest is the Hawaiian Volcanic National Park on the main island of the archipelago. Here you will see one of the most troubled spots in the world – Kilauea. The volcanoes are surrounded by many hiking trails. There you can enjoy beautiful landscapes and rare representatives of flora and fauna.

The climate in Hawaii

Hawaii lies in the zone of eternal summer, so the temperature here is hot and warm all year round, and even at night, it does not get very cold (but warm clothes are worth taking, especially if you are planning a trip to the mountains). But according to the amount of precipitation, the season is divided into dry and wet: from April to October there is almost no rain, and from November to March there is.

The north and east are considered to be the wettest part of the islands, and the south and west are drier – the main resorts are concentrated there. The most lowering temperatures and snow are in the peaks.

The main disadvantage of this heavenly place is hurricanes and tsunamis. The first ones visit the islands from June to November. The appearance of the latter does not depend on the season. But most often tsunamis come to the north, to Hilo Bay.

Also, once in Hawaii, be sure to visit:

  • Pearl Harbor naval base – here you can see the battleships “Arizona” and “Missouri”.
  • Sunset Beach is one of the most picturesque spots in the world where surfing competitions are held.
  • Crater Diamond Head is a natural formation with a diameter of more than a kilometer. There is an observation post and Fort Rager.
  • Stone garden of the gods on about. Lanai is a rare occurrence when sharp rock formations rise vertically up from the ground.
  • Kauai Gorge is a red canyon reminiscent of that in Arizona. There is a nature reserve nearby, where several dozen hiking trails have been laid.


There are many other fascinating places on the islands: a botanical garden, an aquarium, a group of volcanoes, the Russian Fort Elizabeth, a black beach. In short, you won’t be bored in Hawaii!

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