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Immigrants flocked to Serbia again. Most preferred the central and northern parts of the country, where the industrial sector is well developed.

To gain a foothold in this Balkan country, you need to find a job. The problem can be solved in different ways: through the National Employment Service, with the help of the Serbian press, by sending a resume to labor agencies. But the easiest way is, of course, to search for vacancies via the Internet.

List of in-demand professions in the Serbian labor market

Analytical data on the Serbian labor market, collected for 2015 and early 2016, showed that the professions most in-demand in Serbia are:

  • the programmer of PHP, Java, NET, and other languages;
  • mechanical engineer;
  • electrical engineer;
  • accountant;
  • auto mechanic;
  • hairdresser;
  • cooks.

Most common vacancies and salaries

For the most common vacancies, positions are allocated for programmers and experienced chefs. The lack of these specialists was felt throughout 2015. But if the programmers are promised salaries of 1,000 to 2,500 euros per month, chefs can count on 800.

It is easier for highly qualified specialists to find a job in Serbia than for those with an average level or no qualifications at all. For example, it is almost impossible for an immigrant to get a job here as a loader, gardener, janitor. 

When recruiting foreigners in Serbia, they have the same status, the same rights, and the same obligations as citizens of Serbia. Most vacancies are filled on a competitive basis, the competition is open. But the employer is obliged to explain to the employment service why he is hiring a foreigner and not a Serbian citizen.

The average salary in the capital of the country – Belgrade – is 480 euros per month of work. At the periphery, it is slightly lower – 390 euros. The lowest wage rate is found in the southern part of Serbia. They pay an average of 330 euros per month. The minimum wage is set by the Serbian government at just over € 180. However, in Belgrade, this figure is close to 250-300 euros.

Knowledge of the language and legalization of diplomas

The requirements for immigrants imposed by the country’s authorities remind of the need for proficiency in the Serbian language. Highly skilled employers posting jobs generally require perfect language skills, including oral and written skills. Often, in addition to Serbian, a good level of Russian and English is required.


Stage of official employment

To apply for a Serbian work visa, the following documents are required:

  • The applicant’s questionnaire;
  • A valid foreign passport;
  • One photo 35×45 mm;
  • A document confirming the availability of sufficient funds for the period of stay in the country (at the rate of at least 50 euros for one day);
  • A certificate of vaccination or a medical certificate confirming the absence of viral diseases;
  • Medical insurance for the duration of your stay in Serbia based on unforeseen expenses for at least 20 thousand euros.


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Requirements for an applicant for a work visa

Immigrants entering the country for work are required to have an invitation letter from the employer. You will also need travel documents and a receipt confirming the payment of consular fees (35 euros). An applicant for a work visa must provide evidence of no criminal record and no criminal prosecution in his home country.

An application for a visa is submitted to the diplomatic (consular) mission of Serbia in the applicant’s country of residence. Processing times usually do not exceed one working week.

Work permit for foreigners in Serbia 

Employment of foreigners in Serbia becomes possible if the immigrant is granted a temporary residence permit or a permanent residence permit. 

Permits are issued for periods ranging from 3 to 12 months. An immigrant must apply for such a document in person. You can also send your application by post to the National Employment Service in Belgrade. The sequence of actions is as follows:

  • Obtaining a residence permit through the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Serbia;
  • Application from the employing company;
  • Application from an immigrant.

The law provides that the procedure for the issuance, extension, cancellation of work permits is carried out by the organization responsible for such actions. In Serbia, such an organization is the National Employment Service. Immigrants can be issued one of two types of work permits:

  • with the right to self-employment;
  • with the right to work for hire (contract).

Only one type of permit out of two possible is allowed to be issued to a foreigner for the entire permissible period of stay in Serbia.

The right to self-employment, as a rule, is obtained by immigrants who have permanent residence or refugee status. Or in the case of the reunification of a foreigner with a family residing in Serbia. With self-employment, there are no restrictions on the type of work activity.


Consequences for attempting illegal employment in Serbia

The Law on Employment of Foreigners provides for several sanctions if non-compliance with the established rules is recorded. For the fact of illegal employment, fines are issued:

  • For legal entities from 6504 to 8130 euros;
  • Private entrepreneurs from 400 to 4000 euros;
  • State employment agency from 4000 to 8100 euros;
  • Responsible persons of the state employment agency from 160 to 1200 euros;
  • To an immigrant worker from 120 to 1200 euros.

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