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Reasons to immigrate to Finland 

People might consider moving to Finland for a variety of reasons, including the wonder of the Northern Lights, the abundance of sports opportunities, and the excellent standard of living there. This essay will discuss some of the great things about Finland and the reasons you should think seriously about relocating there for employment or school.

A high standard of living

Finland is ranked as the second-best country in the world for quality of life in the social progress index of 2021. Finland performs well in practically every category measured by the index, from basic human necessities and well-being to individual possibilities and independence.

Finns not only benefit from an excellent educational system that guarantees equal chances for all people regardless of their backgrounds, but also from a wide range of other public services that raise everyone’s standard of living. It’s crucial to know that Finland is a superb country in terms of personal freedom, inclusion, press freedom, environment, and personal safety in addition to education and public health care.

Despite paying high taxes, Finns benefit from a well-functioning society that enables them to pursue their goals without having to worry about issues like access to healthcare or other rights that are seen as fundamental by Finns.

The happiest country in the world

The second justification for moving to Finland is very similar to the first: Finland constantly ranks among the happiest nations in the world. According to the most recent global happiness index, Finland is the happiest nation in the world, followed closely by Denmark, Switzerland, Iceland, and Norway.

What then accounts for the high level of life satisfaction among Finns? The WHR claims that the most convincing justifications include things like dependable and comprehensive welfare benefits, minimal levels of corruption, a functioning democratic system, and good state institutions.

Finland, along with Denmark, Norway, and Iceland, appears in the top five nations for immigrant contentment, per the findings. The high caliber of governmental institutions and their function in the Nordic countries generally are mentioned as one of the most probable causes in the report. Since these institutions provide services to everyone who lives in these nations, including immigrants, their beneficial effects have also extended to individuals who migrate to these nations.

One of the most innovative countries in the world

The extensive quantity of innovation taking place in various organizations and businesses, both in the private and public sectors, is the second incentive to relocate to Finland.

Therefore, Finland has always been a nation of engineers and technicians, and the majority of its exports are made up of such goods. In addition, Finland has had a tremendous rise in entrepreneurship and startups during the past ten years. And today, the largest and most significant startup events worldwide are hosted by Finns.

There are countless prospects for you in Finland, whether you’re an entrepreneur hoping to launch a firm, a student hoping to study innovation and technology, or an expat hoping to work in tech-heavy industries.

One of the world’s cleanest nations

In addition to having the cleanest air in the world, which makes Finland a shelter for individuals from other nations or towns where air quality has been harmed by pollution, Finns also take pride in maintaining a clean environment and cities.

In larger Finnish cities, especially when walking, it is extremely uncommon to see rubbish laying around. Because of effective trash collection and sorting systems as well as a cultural unspoken rule that prohibits littering and other environmental harm, Finnish streets are kept exceptionally clean, even by general European standards.

Finland’s climate and nature

Lapland’s immaculately snow-covered hills and trees come to mind when people think of Finland and its natural beauty, but Finland has a lot more to offer. For instance, Finland is known as the “land of a thousand lakes,” yet interestingly, this nickname is a misnomer because there are more than 180 000 lakes in Finland overall.

One of these tens of thousands of lakes is where many Finnish families build their vacation houses. Furthermore, people like spending time sailing and swimming in these freshwater bodies.

Finland is covered in woods, with over 75 percent of the total nation being covered in them, in addition to the lake country. No matter where you are, there are always excellent woodland routes that make for pleasant strolls, from quick excursions with your dog to weeklong wilderness treks.

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