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Reasons to immigrate to Denmark 

Although it is easy to neglect Denmark in favor of larger and better-known European nations like France and Italy, it has a long and distinctive past.

There may be certain things you don’t know about Denmark, even if you believe you, are an expert. So, everything about Denmark is covered in this essay, from its healthcare system to its exports of toys, and everything in between.

You might want to consider your shipping options if you’re here because you’re going to Denmark.

Canal in Denmark

They’re (almost) the happiest country on Earth

According to the 2017–2019 World Happiness Ranking, Denmark is only behind Finland. From the average pay to the degree of interaction with nature, this statistic examines everything.

According to an important section of the study, “being poor in Denmark does not have as harsh [an] effect on happiness as being poor in the United States, where the gap between rich and poor is much larger and there are not similar welfare services and public goods available for the poor,” being poor has a milder impact on happiness in Denmark than it does in the United States.

And if you’re concerned that not being a local may cause you to miss out, don’t fret! According to the survey, persons who relocate to Denmark are just as content as those who were born there. If you’re relocating to Denmark (and not from Finland), you’ll have plenty of chances to advance in the world of happiness.

Their culture places a strong focus on equality

In keeping with the study’s section that was just discussed, equality doesn’t merely pertain to people’s happiness. There is a cultural tenet that no one is superior to another that promotes equality for all.

It is known as Janteloven, or “The Law of Jante,” and despite not being a legal requirement by any means, it permeates Danish culture and the national zeitgeist and promotes the welfare of the group as opposed to the interests of a select few.

In actuality, this nation has no word for “please.” The emphasis on doing what is right for others is frequently cited as the reason for this.

Taxes are high there

Due to its strong collective values, Denmark has very high taxes when compared to other nations. The average Dane pays 45% in income tax, and there is a 25% VAT. Whatever way you look at it, the government receives a substantial sum of money.

Do not lose heart! You will ultimately save a lot of money and won’t have to worry about an accident emptying your bank account because education and healthcare are free, or at the absolute least, very affordable.

LEGO is Danish

Let’s take a brief break from the tedious government material and play with some toys. Many of the most well-known toy companies, including Barbie and Hot Wheels, are American. But LEGO, one of the most adored toys in the world, is Danish.

As the most powerful brand in the world (beating Ferrari), LEGO is one of Denmark’s most valuable resources. Even while not all of their 5.16 billion euros in sales went to Denmark in 2019, it was still a significant portion of the nation.

Cycling is pivotal to the Danish way of life

In Denmark, bicycles are extremely popular. According to data from the Danish Cycling Embassy, nine out of 10 Danes possess a bike. They do have a cycling embassy because they bike so frequently.

Denmark is an excellent place to live if you enjoy being ecologically conscious while engaging in some cardio. There are plenty of bike lanes in the big cities, and the weather is typically pleasant enough to ride a bicycle outside.

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