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Main reasons why visas in Comoros get denied

Due to its sparse population and location in the warm seas of the Indian Ocean between Madagascar and Mozambique, the Comoros group of islands is abundant with natural beauty. A visa is required for any traveler who wants to enter Comoros. International visitors to the Comoros who want to transit through, visit for pleasure, or do business are required to get a visa.

Comoros’s stance on visas

The country provides three different kinds of visas: the transit visa, required if passing through Comoros on your way to another country, the business visa, required for doing business there. And the tourist visa is only valid for holiday or sightseeing purposes. All travelers who desire to go to Comoros for a purpose other than business will be issued a visa on arrival. There are no exempt nations, thus all nationalities must comply with this rule. A Comoros visa is only valid for 45 days.

Why visas get denied in Comoros 

It’s quite easy to get a visa in Comoros since all nationalities can get a visa on arrival in Comoros other than the business visa which is to be applied for through the nearest Comoros embassy or consulate. However, there are reasons why your visa may be denied in Comoros:

Expired passport

To get a visa in Comoros, you must have a passport that is still valid for at least six months after the date of entrance and has at least two blank pages for stamps. The visa application will be rejected if this stipulation is not met. To avoid having a visa denied, the passport must also be in excellent shape.

Lack of residence documentation

To get your Comoros visa, you must have a resident permit or another kind of legal evidence of residency if you are not a citizen of the nation from where you are applying. The visa application will be rejected in the absence of this evidence.

Lack of a return or forward ticket and evidence of lodging

Lack of adequate evidence, such as a hotel reservation, proving you have a place to stay during your trip to Comoros, may also result in your visa being rejected. Or if you don’t have a return or onward ticket as confirmation that you will leave the country when your visa expires.

Lack of an invitation evidence

A letter of invitation from the hosting firm is necessary if you are visiting Comoros on business. This is to confirm that you are traveling to Comoros for business. The visa will be rejected if you cannot provide any evidence to back up this assertion.

Lack of immunization against yellow fever

When departing from or passing through a nation where there is a risk of yellow fever transmission, you must have proof of your yellow fever vaccine. It is crucial to have the immunization before traveling to Comoros since a yellow fever certificate only lasts for 10 days after the vaccination is given. If you wait too long and arrive in Comoros after the allotted 10-day window, entrance may be denied.

Defying the nation’s religious stance

Islam is the most prevalent religion in the religiously diverse nation of Comoros. Women should cover their shoulders and breast and wear long pants or skirts to prevent unwanted attention or having their visas denied. Shorts and sleeveless shirts should never be worn by either men or women.

Previous history of overstaying

In Comoros, all visa classifications only permit one entrance. This suggests that you would need a new visa if you had previously left the country and now want to return. However, you will be labeled as an undesirable person and prohibited from visiting Comoros for two years if you overstayed a prior visa by one to thirty days. For a period of thirty to ninety days, foreign tourists who overstay their visas will also be labeled as undesirable and would be prohibited from visiting the country for three years. Additionally, you can pay a fee and face legal repercussions.

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