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Finding a job in Mexico as an expat

This Spanish-speaking country has a fast-growing economy highly attractive to foreigners. Expats looking to work in Mexico for various reasons are warmly welcomed. A popular job for native English speakers is teaching. Generally, the minimum academic requirement to qualify for this job is a university degree and a teaching qualification such as TESOL, TEFL, CELTA, etc. Several jobs are also available in resorts for expats. These jobs do not always require fluency in Spanish. They are available on job portals for short-term hires. For expats looking for professional jobs, you require specialized skills and rich work experience. A few of the most demanded jobs available to expats are software engineer, architect, marketing manager, product manager, web developer, and UX designer. When looking for work, it is best to find vacancies in multinational companies. 

Flag of Mexico

If you are a foreigner looking to work in this nation, or an expat already residing here and thinking of finding work, this article provides information on finding work as an expat here. 

Requirements before working abroad

For expats looking for jobs in Mexico, there are certain criteria to meet before finding one, they include:

  • Qualification
  • Language proficiency
  • Nationality
  • Working experience
  • Health certificate
  • Work visa and permit

Finding jobs

There are two methods of searching for jobs abroad. The most common way is via job search websites. The following are websites where expats can find work in the state: 

  • CompuTrabajo 
  • Indeed 
  • OCCMundial
  • Bumeran, etc.

The second method of finding work is via networking. This can be directly from sources like friends, associates, recruiters in the organizations, or connections on social media platforms. Examples of these are Linkedin, Facebook groups, Friends, etc.

Best industries for expats 

If you are serious about working here, the best thing is to look for jobs in an industry lacking available and skilled workers. They offer high positions with attractive remunerations. The following are some of the suitable industries for expats finding work within the territory.


The most popular position for expats is in the teaching discipline. Provided a foreigner has a TEFL certificate, he or she can teach at a primary or secondary school. 


With its large population, there is a need for a working medical system in the country. As a qualified doctor, nurse, or medical professional, finding work might be easier for you as private companies tend to hire English-speaking doctors. 


The industry is fast growing yet it lacks sufficient workers. Even with the numerous established companies, more startups are rising daily hence the need for more qualified staff. Having a degree in computer science or tech field opens expats to the availability of job opportunities. 


There are lots of work in the hospitality and tourism industry. However, they do not pay high wages. You can find a job in this industry by searching online on websites. 


A lot of companies are looking to fill positions in human resources, marketing, sales, administration, etc. Provided an expat have the right qualification and experience, landing a corporate job is easy. 

Work visas and permits

To work in the city, a foreigner requires a temporary residency with a work permit. The employer has to first apply for a WORK permit for an employee thus an expat can only work in the country when he or she has a valid job offer. After getting an employment offer, an expat can then apply for a temporary residency at a Mexican embassy which will be switched to a temporary residence card upon arrival in the state. A work visa and permit allow an expat to reside within the territory for no longer than four years. 

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