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Poland: 10 best cities to live

The most favorable situation for most of the listed points is observed in the capital, large tourist, and resort centers that are attractive for investment.

Some of the best cities in Poland to live in include:

  1. Warsaw
  2. Krakow
  3. Gdansk
  4. Poznan
  5. Wroclaw
  6. Gdynia
  7. Sopot
  8. Bielsko-Biala
  9. Bydgoszcz
  10. Katowice

Warsaw – is the best city for life

The best city in Poland to live in is Warsaw. Most of the leading state and foreign companies are concentrated in the capital, which ensures a high level of the economy. Visitors here will find the greatest variety of interesting vacancies and a decent level of wages – the highest in the country. Warsaw is one of the ten cities with the lowest unemployment rate, but it only occupies the eighth line of this list.

Despite a large number of job offers, there are also enough candidates for it: the city’s population is more than 2 million people and continues to grow steadily. It will be easy for migrants to adapt here since a significant part of the townspeople is newcomers from small towns and foreigners. Residents are friendly to new faces, which is also a favorable factor.

Warsaw has a well-developed social infrastructure: there are enough schools and kindergartens, there are several worthy higher educational institutions. Not a bad situation with the environment: despite the significant number of emissions, there are many parks and green areas throughout the territory, which has a beneficial effect on the air condition. The disadvantages include traffic jams typical for any metropolis. A slight overcrowding and a hectic pace of life will not suit everyone, but they will be familiar to those who have moved from large cities. The disadvantages include the high cost of living, which includes increased food prices, transportation costs, rent, and the purchase of housing.

Krakow is another good option for moving

Krakow ranks second in terms of population and is a major economic, industrial, and cultural center. Thanks to the preserved medieval buildings and remarkable architecture, it is one of the most important tourist regions of the country, attracting tens of thousands of tourists every year, which makes a significant contribution to the budget and favorably affects the availability of jobs. There is a minimum unemployment rate here, while vacancies can be found in any industry: from blue-collar jobs to high-tech.

people walking near canopies in front of buildings during daytime

It is a large scientific and educational center with 24 higher education institutions. Thanks to this, more than two hundred thousand students and twenty-five thousand teachers live in the city, about two thousand of whom have professorships. Thanks to its scientific potential in recent years, many companies from the IT sector have opened here, including the headquarters of the largest Polish Internet portals and providers.

One of the main problems is poor ecology, especially the air condition. In the summer heat, smog stands over Krakow, which negatively affects the state of health. This is one of the most polluted settlements not only within the country but throughout the Eurozone. On the other hand, the ecologically friendly Tatras are nearby, where you can go skiing in winter and hike hiking trails in summer.

Gdansk – the city of happy people

Those who want to feel happy should move to Gdansk: according to this indicator, the city is the absolute leader of Poland, since 80% of residents are absolutely satisfied with their lives and consider themselves happy people. And for good reason: it is an established center for entertainment, science, sports, and culture, with a unique cosmopolitan and lively atmosphere.

It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Poland, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. Thanks to this, business is actively developing in Gdansk, large companies are opening representative offices. The port plays an important role in the economy, providing a large number of jobs. There are also many industrial petrochemical and engineering companies that feel the need for highly qualified specialists.

statue of person in front of brown buildings

The high efficiency of public utilities and social development was noted In Gdansk. Great attention is paid to the improvement and improvement of the comfort of the citizens’ life. A striking example is the expansion of the network of bike paths, the length of which is more than 600 km. To reduce the number of road accidents in the central regions, there are serious speed limits – up to 30 km/h.


Poznan is beautiful from all sides: both business and soul. This is one of the most beautiful Polish cities with a surprisingly beautiful historical center, built up with low-rise multi-colored houses. Thanks to this, there are always a lot of tourists here and a lively atmosphere. In addition to the abundance of attractions, there are many bars, restaurants, discos, and other noisy entertainment. Another advantage is the location two hours from Berlin, which opens up opportunities for traveling in Europe.

Poznan is one of the most investment-attractive cities, in the economy and development of which foreign companies are investing with interest. Excellent conditions for doing business have been created here, there is an activity of citizens and visitors in this area: for every 10,000 people there are about 260 entrepreneurs. It has one of the lowest unemployment rates and wages above average.

The Poznan authorities take care of the environment and regularly conduct campaigns and educational environmental programs among the population about this problem. So, the townspeople are told about the ways to save electricity, within the framework of the “Take care of the heat” company.

Wroclaw – a beautiful and promising city in Poland

Wroclaw is one of the main tourist centers of the country, thousands of tourists come here every year to explore the Old Town. This is a modern and lively city where life does not stop even at night: this is facilitated by the abundance of clubs, bars, and discos. It will appeal to people with an active lifestyle and craving for beauty: there are many entertainments and interesting architecture. It can be called the “Polish Venice” for the abundance of rivers and canals: Wroclaw stands on 12 islands and has more than 200 bridges. Due to the abundance of sights and architectural monuments, in 2016 Wroclaw received the status of the “European Capital of Culture”, which further increased the interest of foreign guests in it.

high angle view of cityscape

The favorable economic environment attracts investors, and many large companies open representative offices here. This ensures the availability of jobs in various fields and the opportunity to find an interesting vacancy in an international company. It has the lowest unemployment rate, less than 1%, and according to recruiting agencies, the number of vacancies exceeds the number of candidates. Thanks to this, after the move, it will be possible to quickly find a job here, even without having unique competencies. Wroclaw has repeatedly been included in the top settlements with the best opportunities for a successful start in the career of young professionals. The salaries here are above average, and prices are lower than in the capital, which ensures a decent quality of life.

Gdynia – modern and suitable for permanent residence

Gdynia is one of the most beautiful and modern cities. Due to its location on the shores of the Baltic Sea, residents of the city can admire the stunning scenery and spend their leisure time on the beaches equipped for relaxation. Besides, Gdynia is the sailing capital of the state and the venue for one of the largest musical open-airs, the Heineken Open’er Festival.

The situation is good with the social sphere. Gdynia is one of the top Polish settlements in terms of the level and availability of medical services, the number of kindergartens, and schools. The authorities preserve the architectural landmarks of the old center, actively supporting residential development on the outskirts. Much attention is paid to the development of infrastructure and improvement of the quality of life, for example, the arrangement of cycle paths.

Sopot is the perfect resort and relaxes place

Sopot is suitable for people who feel comfortable in a resort environment. It is located in the central coastal part of the Bay of Gdansk, has good beaches and picturesque nature, which attracts many tourists from among citizens and foreigners. On the one hand, this creates fluctuations in the economic equilibrium associated with the seasonality of the resort. On the other hand, it provides good business opportunities.

According to experts, Sopot has a high investment attractiveness and will continue to develop in the coming years. The perspective of the direction is a favorable factor for those who are thinking about moving here. Also, Sopot is in second place in terms of employment: unemployment here is 0.98%. It is also one of the most environmentally friendly settlements in Poland, 60% of which is landscaped.

Bielsko-Biala – for lovers of the measured life

A small town with a measured rhythm of life is located near the Szlenské Beskids, which provides clean foothill air and a good ecological environment. 

There are many parks here, as well as low air emissions from stationary facilities and vehicles. A respectable, modern, and tolerant atmosphere reigns here, which is typical even for the authorities. So, in the city council, there are approximately equal numbers of women and men, and all deputies have higher education.

A significant disadvantage is a problem with jobs and low investment attractiveness. It is worth moving here only to those who have passive income or are invited to work in a specific company located in Bielsko-Biala. With a population of 180,000, almost one in three is unemployed here. Weak economic growth and low investment attractiveness do not imply a significant change in the situation soon.

Bydgoszcz – good ecology and bad economy

Bydgoszcz holds a leading position in the ranking of the most environmentally friendly settlements in the country. There are no large industrial enterprises here; great attention is paid to waste disposal and the state of the utilities. A significant part of the area is occupied by forests and parks, saturating the air with oxygen and serving as an excellent place for walking.

There are also significant disadvantages to moving: problems with the availability of jobs and low wages. Bydgoszcz is only in 9th place in the list of large settlements with a minimum level of unemployment: an average of 2.35 people apply for one vacancy. Residents of megalopolises can also be confused by the measured pace of life in the town, the lack of vibrant entertainment, and significant attractions.

Katowice – relocation with the possibility of buying real estate

Katowice is at the top of the ranking of the cheapest real estate: even with a modest budget, you can buy a small apartment near the center here.

This is a dynamically developing settlement, the authorities of which pay special attention to the state of the environment. The reason for this is a large number of industrial enterprises and mines, which in the past seriously polluted the atmosphere.

Today, the number of emissions is regulated and monitored, green spaces are planted, parks and squares are laid out. On the other hand, the presence of manufacturing companies provides the city’s economy, thanks to which there are jobs, and the level of wages is average for the country. An important factor in deciding whether to move is the low unemployment rate of just under 2%.

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