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Mongolia: employment visa guide

Work permit - Mongolia

Types of Work Visas in Mongolia

There are 3 types of work visas:

  • Single-entry business visa (B visa),
  • Work permit (HG visa),
  • Foreign investor visas (T visa).

Single-entry business visa (B visa)

This visa allows foreign citizens to enter Mongolia for business purposes, similar to conferences and meetings. B visas are valid for not more than 30 days and must be funded by a company in Mongolia.

Work permit (HG visa)

This visa is issued to foreign citizens who wish to take up employment in Mongolia. An HG visa should be acquired before the individual arrives in Mongolia, along with a residence permit.

Foreign investor visas (T visa)

T visas are for foreign citizens who are investing in a Mongolian company or are administrative directors of a company in Mongolia. The visa is issued for either six months or 12 months and can be renewed.

Conditions to acquire Mongolia Work Visas 

The following documents must be submitted during the Mongolian work visa operation process:

  • A cover letter,
  • A completed operation form,
  • A passport that’s valid for at least 12 months,
  • Duplicates of passport sheets containing the aspirant’s name and date of birth, the passport number, the date the passport were issued, and the date it’ll expire,
  • A duplicate of the employer’s document of enrolment in Mongolia.

Who can apply for a Mongolian employment visa

Foreign citizens or stateless people visiting Mongolia for business purposes can apply. Type “HG” visa shall apply to Employment visas.  HG visas are issued to foreign citizens who work in Mongolia under an employment contract. These visas are valid for a maximum of 12 months depending on the Employer’s request.


How to apply for a Mongolian employment visa

In Mongolia, the operation process to acquire a working visa must be initiated by the employer. The way of the process is as follows:

  1. The Mongolian company issues a letter of assignation to the prospective worker to do so, the employer must submit a request to the Mongolian Immigration Agency. With the request, the employer will need to give the worker’s CV and any applicable documents along with a duplicate of the employment contract. Once the request has been approved by all three associations, the visa assignation letter will be transferred to the Mongolian consulate or delegation in the worker’s country of residence.
  2. The worker applies for an HG work visa This step can be done at the consulate or delegation once the assignation letter has been obtained.
  3. The worker travels to Mongolia and the employer registers their address. Registration must be completed with the Mongolian Immigration Agency within seven days of appearance.
  4. The employer obtains a work permit The operation should be submitted to the Labour and Welfare Agency. The employer will need to give the documents listed.
  5. The employer applies for a visa extension and residence permit The HG visa is originally valid for 30 days. Within 10 days of the worker’s appearance in Mongolia, the employer must apply for an extension from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. The work visa is also valid for 12 months and allows multiple entries. During the visa conversion process, the employer also applies for a long-term residency permit. The residency permit is valid for 12 months as well.

Other Important Considerations

The company should be apprehensive that there’s a share in the number of foreign workers they can employ. This share is set by the Mongolian government every 12 months, and it may vary based on the sector the company is in. The share is generally set for between 5 percent and 20 percent of a company’s total manpower in the country.

The cost of a Mongolian visa changes slightly depending on the country of operation and regional currency. A single-entry 30- day visa is roughly USD 50 to USD 70. Visas with a longer duration will be more costly.

After the appearance of a hired ex-pat in Mongolia, the hired worker shall acquire employment authorization in order to get HG or employment visa. When requesting authorization to work in Mongolia, the organization of MNT (app 240 USD) shall be paid per ex-pat by the worker. This payment shall be paid preliminary to get work authorization for the term of the employment agreement.

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